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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wheres My Gym


Hello readers. Good day to everyone. Hopefully everybody’s doing well.
Do you people love to go to gyms? Well, I do, but I always hesitated because of the fees (I’m a stingy fellow--). Well, if you are not like me and willing to spend some penny to get a fit and strong body, you can consider browsing this website --

What is This Website About?
This website is a directory website that gives you a list of all your closest gym that provide kickboxing, mma, jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, kids martial arts, personal trainer, women’s self defence, etc...

By browsing this website, you can check out which gym is situated close to where you stay/work/study. Nowadays, everybody is so health conscious. I often see office workers and adults in the age of 30 – 50 at the park in the evening. As a student myself, I like to go gym actually. The facilities in the gym will definitely win whatever you have in the park—

For People Who Want to Look For Gym (CONSUMERS):
What is amazing about this website is that it enables you to search for your nearby gym despite wherever you are! WOW! You gotta try this yourself.

For People Who Want to Advertise Their Gym (GYM OWNERS):
Besides acting as a huge directory to search for nearby gym, this website also supplies space on the directory site to promote your gym. Promotional offers that your gym may be having, banner ads, pay per clicks advertising.

Think it this way. You open a gym but nobody knows that you have opened one (excluding your friends and family), you will hardly get customers. It’ll be worse when you meet people like me (=X I’m a stingy consumer). So, what can you do to promote your gym to people and let it EXPAND so that your business can grow W I L D….? The answer is simple—Every businessman knows very well that marketing strategy – ADVERTISING job is very important. That is also the reason why I guess, many big companies are willing to spend so much money on advertisement. So, this goes the same way for you gym owners too.

After reading what I’ve written so far, are you tempted to try their service yet??


Read further—

Why People Choose Wheres My
It’s simply because people want to advertise on their website because it is the BEST out there. There is no big competition.

Do stop by and have a look at their website:



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