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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I give up

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : = / 

Yes, I give up. 
I give up trying anymore. 
I just won't get it no matter how hard I try.. 


I felt useless upon knowing that I failed, again. 


I felt like telling him, but he's no where to be contacted.
Keeping all the unhappiness inside my heart is the only thing I can do, at the moment. 


And yes, I know telling people is useless because what is important is on me. 
If I can't make it, what's the point of telling people??
I have only myself to be blamed. 
Again and again...
I just can't make it. 
The more I try, the more fear I gain. 
It's fated that I can't make it!


I envy many things in life which I can't do / don't have. 
Do you people envy others too?
= / Isn't it normal?
Is it greedy to envy?
What's wrong with having envious feeling on others without doing any harm to them?
I just.. envy.. 

  1. Some people are born slender. 
  2. Some people are good at driving. 
  3. Some people can have their boyfriend by their side during holidays-- go jogging together, go and watch movie together... and, so on. 
  4. Some people can talk and master English like a native. 
  5. Some people can become fakers in front of the crowd. 
  6. Some people can be good at piano timing. 
  7. Some people are liked by everyone and influential. 
  8. Some people can be so pious.
  9. Some people can go overseas to study. 
  10. Some people can go overseas for vacation. 
  11. Some people have silky smooth hair. 
  12. Some people are born fair. 
  13. Some people are good in sports.
  14. Some people have big and beautiful eyes. 
  15. Some girls have hairless legs and hands. 
  16. Some people....
The list just goes on and on... 

So long as I live, I never stop envying.. 
Very bad.
If you are like me, you should take a moment and think [like what I'm doing now]

For how long more I'm going to go through this kind of life--
Envying others. 

Maybe, it's not too bad to envy. 
Then, what's bad about it?

Which is...
You will ALWAYS end up as ENVY 
and NEVER gonna get those stuff for yourself! 

Is it because I have never put in effort??
For some stuff, maybe yes..
but for certain things, NO!

No matter how hard you try, the end result will always be FAIL!


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