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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

During Exam ---

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : =) 

Supposedly, I should blog about Father's Day mini celebration..
but.. I'm too excited to share my happy moment with my boyfriend for my early birthday celebration..
So, let's talk about this first.
I'll post about Father's Day in a few days time maybe..
Kind of busy lately.. Work, work, work..


While I'm uploading, I realised that it's gonna take a very long time...............
Cuz I used 8.1 megapixels version.
Each photo is about 2 mb and I'm too lazy to resize/retouch/do anything to them now.

I'll break this into 2 parts then.


One of the days during the 1 week interval final exam.
We went to pekan for a haircut and makan-makan. ;)

My face really very bulat--- 
My hair isn't exactly that straight.
The aunty dried my hair with the hair blower-- 
At first, I kind of like it.
Now, I'm a little bored of it. = / 


One of the exam days.. 
At Proton City campus.
I can't remember what paper we had that day--- 

Snapped all these images using 8.1 high resolution camera. 
;) Mini lizard.
Kind of adorable but I don't dare to touch. 
It's not my hand. 

Say hello to cicak boy! ; ) 


One of the papers... 
I can't remember what paper..
Too long.
I should have blog about this earlier. 
The results are out already, now only I wanna post pre exam photos. 

Snap snap photos...
Studied till very sien... 


I think I will post about my early birthday celebration tomorrow. ;) 
Kind of late here. 


Result was out a few days ago. 
I'm kind of happy. 
My results have always been in ascending graph.. 
I shouldn't boast about my result here. 


I'm currently watching the Singapore drama - Pillow Talk 再见单人床

It's really a very interesting and educative drama. 
Couples should watch.
Those single ones are recommended to watch too.
It teaches you how to love your partner..
One of the characters is TOO SIMILAR like me.
Whatever she said is what I said before!! 


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