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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Early Birthday Celebration with Boyfriend

. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : =) 

After working for a whole day--
I finally have time to rest.
I'm not really resting cuz I'm blogging [blogging is tiring sometimes] 

Let's not talk much--
I'm gonna share my 4days 3nights memory of pre birthday celebration-- ;) *aww* 

I personally think we had spent these few days wisely. 
We managed to visit various places and did various things which I always wished to do-- ;) 

  • Spend time together during this LOOONNNGGGG semester break. 
  • Went to Malacca's aquarium center [or marine center? uh, whatever--]
  • Wrapped in blanket and watched Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1 
  • Watched Amazing Spider Man movie together 
  • Experienced 6D 13 minutes movie together 
  • Ate TuttiFrutti yoghurt together 
  • Ate snowflake [Black don't know what -- the shop name]
  • Ate Sushi King RM 2 per plate together with a bunch of friends 
  • Ate Absolute Chocolate at Secret Recipe [my mini cake]
  • Walked back home from Mahkota to my house during sunset 
  • Drove him to Sentral on the last day 
  • Did sushi together, had a lot of fun despite the fact that it's a failed project 
  • and... xoxo XD 

Pictures are not really arranged in any specific sequence.
Join me to this honey journey-------- <3 

We were at Secret Recipe.
He ordered Vietnamese Beef Noodle and I ordered my favourite Tomyam Noodle. 
Add more noodle costs  only RM 2
I was greedy.
I shouldn't add cuz the original portion is full enough. 

Then, we went to Dataran's TuttiFruitti. 

"First time?" asked the shop keeper.
"Yeah.." I answered, innocently. 
"Have some try. This is_________, this is__________..."
Conclusion: I get free yogurt for being a newbie! ;) 
Note: Want to get free yogurt? Pretend like one then! [I'm GENUINELY a newbie]

They gave quite a lot.
They gave us 2 flavours to try - peach and soya bean.
It doesn't look that "geli" like the above picture at first... 
It looks like.. Mc Donald's sundae ice cream. 
Why it looks like this?
Cuz Teh Joo Kiat ate very fast without waiting for me....!!!

With student card, we paid only RM 5 something for this. 
You can get 10 or 20% with student card. ;)
Get yours today.
I like cashew nut. <3

Looks like we snapped a lot. XD

A few of my solo ones. 
I like the lighting there.

Then, we went to watch 6D movie.
Run Ghost. 
Kind of fun but I think Genting's one is more realistic.. 
However, nice experience though. 
RM 13 currently for per movie. 

Got ourselves a little wet cuz of the water splashing.. 
The grass hurts my legs though cuz I wore short pants. 

After that, we walked around here and there...
Had no idea where to go....

He's always fancy over marine stuff. 
We then decided to visit the marine center. 
It costs only RM 20 for student. 
Cheap huh?
It's indeed not very huge like Langkawi/KL's whereby you have walls surrounded by water and big sharks.
However, I think this trip worth it because you can get to touch many marine animals!
You can snap photos with them too. 
Use your own camera of course---- 
For normal adult, it costs RM 30 
Senior citizen above the age of 60 years old is RM 20 
Children, I can't remember. 
If you have no where to go one day, come here!! 
I really enjoyed myself. ;) 

Oh oh, what's behind there?
Real sharks!
Small ones.. 
Fierce ones... 

I think I look a little slim here.
My posing is weird though. x.x 
He never tells me and straight away snap! 

Boyfriend with the marine animal on the wallpaper.

How cute you see!!
There's a border there...
You can place your hands based on the border outline..
Then Ka-Chak!

Still enjoying ourselves with taking photos.. 
It's actually me.
I love taking photos.
but guess what--
I forgot to charge my phone battery to maximum last night. = = "
I only managed to snap a few.. not all... T.T 

What's cool about this place?
They gave you a quiz paper like as shown above.
We managed to get all answers correct.
Well, just stamp all on the left. 
I didn't get to snap the answered sheet because my phone got no battery half way.. 
We got nemo keychains after that. 
Cool, isn't it?? 

Fishes in the aquarium. 
All pictures are taken with 8.1 megapixels. 
All pictures weigh 2 mb + 
It took me near 2 hours to upload all the images here. 

His hand.. 

My hand.. 
I can't remember what is this.. 
Mini shark I guess. 

It's a kind of less fierce shark. 
We touched it!! 

We touched the star fish together!! XD

Back... Front 

I'm so excited and nervous while I'm touching all these marine animals with my bare hands! 

"大" shape! 
means "BIG" 

A little dark uh.. 
I look like some kind of weird here. x.x 

We were touching the sea chorals.
They said it's poisonous.. 
Your hands will get itchy if touch too long/deep. 
We used our palms to touch it. 
It feels like carpet. lol... 

Sea cucumber............. 

I don't know what it is called in English. 
It's a sharp animal... 

Awww I love this one..
Jelly fish!! 
Small ones!!! 

Without flash light.. 

With flash light. 
It's not my hand.
I don't dare to grab it.
It's very ferocious. 

How cute! 
This is my hand.
The jelly fish is on my palm.
Took it with flash light. 
XD So cute!!!!

Let's see.. real lobster back! 

So translucent.. 

Oh crabby!! 

My turn to snap a picture with crabby! 

I don't know what is this.... 
Really huge and heavy. 
It weighs near 2 kg... 

Look at my expression.
You can figure out how excited I was. x.x 

We go-a-stern, back to the shark aquarium.
I want to snap with flash light. 

Do you know what is this???
Shark Eggs!!!! 
Those orange liquid jelly stuff in the sac is the baby shark!
I can see its shape very clearly, swimming in the sac.. 
It reminds me of... baby in the placenta. x.x 
Fluid.. Juicy.. Eww... 

I can't remember whether its back really have blue spots or what--- 
The pari fish... People cook it with curry very often. x.x 
Stingray----> Curry! 

Bubble fish..
Or not...
I can't remember.

Touch together. ;)) 

I'm snapping sea horse..........
If you can see any from here..... 
They are really small.

Star fishes!!! 
Fun, fun!!!

Awwww I kind of like myself with specs now.
I think I look better. 
Starfish and me!!!! 

Without specs.

Awww our only duet photo 
Taken by the shop keeper..
I should have asked him to take down my handbag!
It makes him looks......... rawwrr...............

Snap photo with the sea horse replica.

Vegetarian Piranhas. 
Are you kidding me?
Which piranhas don't eat meat! 

These turtles made this place famous.
They are from Malacca.
Yes, Malacca has turtles.. 
Not just Rantau Abang Terengganu has.. 
We have too! XD

Awwww turtles.....................

Colourful fishes.

Guess what's this?
Frog's eggs.........
Does this remind you of basil????????

There were many more other animals like lizard, crocodile, alligator (this is real cute, it looks like mini T Rex seriously because it is able to STAND!!), insects and [I can't remember liao]

I thought this picture looks ugly at first.
It looks not bad I guess. ;) 
Red-Red. ;) 
At Chatime store--- 

Drinking my favourite "Dumex" a.k.a. Chocolate Hazelnut. 
It's initially full......

Then we walked and walked.... 

When we reached Secret Recipe for cake...............

It became..........

Cuz of Teh Joo Kiat.
He drank all!!!!
And said "Nah, you drink the remaining---"

Absolute chocolate Secret Recipe cake.
Very expensive. 
Nadeje's price. 
RM 10+ per slice.
Very rich in chocolate.
I can feel non-melted sugar cluster.. = = " 
And I don't like the fact that I can still bite the sugar!! 

First attempt eating curry puff pastry at Secret Recipe.
Thought of giving it a try.
I'm a little disappointed because it's not as tasty as I anticipated earlier.
It tasted--- Just, so-so. I hate the curry filing the most. 
It tastes awful. 
The only acceptable thing is the pastry. = = "

Then, a deaf man approached us. 
He was selling keychains.
My generous and kindhearted boyfriend always like to help these needy people.
Hence, he bought keychains from him. 
A pair of simple heart shape keychains with bible scripture. 
I'm thankful that he picked this one. ;)

We didn't snap any photos for cinema and sushi session... 
If you haven't watch Spiderman, remember to go and watch!
It's so worth it! 
It's really a very nice movie!! 
Near 2 hours plus. 
XD I... cried....... sob sob.....

Got everything ready.
So excited.

Really excited.
Notice the white rectangle container?
It's the tool I'm gonna use to do my sushi.

Step 1- Fill the container with rice. 

Step 2- Fill your filing. 

Step 3- Move the container into the big container and add rice on top.

Step 4- Press

Step 5 - And PRESSSSSSSSS. Take out and roll it with your seaweed.

I began the project excitedly but ended disappointed because... 
I bought the wrong nori (seaweed).
I bought the roasted one. 
It's too crispy to roll. 
And... The damn sushi rice is too HUGE.......

In the end, we ended up eating rice popping out sushi. 
One at the beginning and another at the end.....

Managed to bring him to our house nearby Nasi Beriani stall.
It's getting more and more expensive.
It costs RM 6 per plate now. 

The End. 

Dear Boyfriend, 

Thank you for your willingness to spend your precious time with me in Malacca. Those few days were really very meaningful to me. I really enjoyed myself very much. Every single second was precious as I knew that you took a lot of courage and risk to make my little dream came true. Despite the fact that you would not be able to be by my side on the 31st, I'm happy that you were able to celebrate it for me earlier.. It was a memorable 4 days 3 nights birthday present. ;)) 
i LOVE you VERY MUCH. . . . . . ! 

Best Regards,


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