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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Florida based Campground Entertainment Specialist Birdie McClaine provides a Vaudeville-Style act specifically customized for your campground!


Hello dear readers.

About a month ago, I shared an interesting article at about Florida Campground Entertainment.

Today, I’m gonna share another interesting service provided by the same company – Florida Campground Entertainment Specialist Birdie Mc Claine. This round, he'll be providing a Vaudeville-Style act which is specifically and uniquely customized for YOUR campground!

Before that, just in case if you didn’t read my previous post about this company, McClaine is an accomplished campground entertainer who is driven by an incredible and wonderful passion for self-expression. His interesting shows are noted by his peers and lay audiences alike for their unique blend of passion, grace, comedy, amazing feats, and most importantly, LOTS of LAUGHTER! He’s a funny man!

What’s in Vaudeville-Style Act?
  • Comedy
  • Juggling
  • Ventriloquism (with “Mr. Jenkins”)
  • Big, Big, BIG Laughter (ha-ha-ha)
  • Plate Spinning
  • Music (Spoons, Accordian and MORE)
  • Lastly, LOTS of ohhs and Ahhs (Try to imagine that? It’s gonna be FUN for sure!)

After going through the short checklist above, are you attracted to try this man’s service? I personally think if I were to throw out a party, I’ll definitely hire him for his tricks and promises for the above services sound really FUN. In a crazy party night as a host, what are you gonna reward your guests? Of course, you gonna feed them with lots of laughter for the night! This man is gonna do the work for you as a host. All you need to do is Just Hire Him. As a result, your guests are well entertained and you get a good laugh for the night too!

Check out the photos of him doing the tricks! I'm not lying-- He can do it! 

Okay now, here’s the question. WHY we should trust this man? Good question. Well, first of all, he’s not just an ordinary amateur circus man. Not everybody is born to be a joker—It’s true that not everybody can make others laugh like crazy with impressive performance. I have seen some people trying to make some tricks but in the end, I find him making a fool out of himself. So, will Birdie be like him? The answer is NO!

WHY? Well, Birdie McClaine studied and toured with the prominent Ringling Brothers Clown/Circus College. He has appeared on cruise ships, various fairs, festivals and events around the world. I repeat. AROUND THE WORLD. By saying that, you should know that he is a highly experienced entertainer whom you will not be disappointed working with!

“His campground show and character is unforgettable.
That’s him, Birdie McClaine.

For Booking Information, Call Birdie's Assistant, Samantha Evans at
(443) 490-1333
Birdie McClaine's Official Website: 
(You can get to see a video of him doing his tricks here!)


  1. Lydia,

    You always know how to build a strong mental picture with your words. Thank you.