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Monday, August 13, 2012

Malaysia's Lawyer Posts Negative Remark on Dato' Lee Chong Wei's Lost Match on Facebook

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I'm kind of busy lately.. with..
- my restless work
- dramas in PPS
- outing with friends

Time is really lacking. I feel that I have a lot to do.. a lot of unnecessary things-- = /
Sometimes, I really wonder, which is the more important thing that I should do and leave the less important one behind..

Dato Lee Chong Wei's match was a match that many Malaysians were hoping to watch. That night, the match started at 8 pm. I was having dinner with family at LTP Restaurant. We reached home at 8.30 pm. The match had already started half way.. DLCW was leading the match. He won the first game. Everybody was excited and of course, this made everybody's hope grows bigger. We were all hoping that he'd win the first gold for Malaysia.

Unfortunately, he lost in the last game by a close score with Lin Dan's. At that moment, every Malaysians' heart sank deeply. It got worse when the camera was shooting DLCW's kneeling scene. He couldn't stand up because his legs injury was terrible. Everybody felt pity when we see him fighting so hard for the nation and in the end lost by only a few scores.

Some funny faces of DLCW during the men single final match with Lin Dan. 

Unfortunately, while many people, including myself was having a down period mourning over his lost in the match, there were some "idiots" around Facebook who wrote horrendous remarks about this great national player. This person who is going to be featured in my blog (free publicity.. ha--) is just one out of the few odd "idiots". It's just so coincident that he's one of the contacts in my list. I don't really know him very well-- I don't know how he became one of my contacts too. 

I thought of not writing this post but the moment when I re-read some of the posts he wrote, I feel that I have to write something about this person. 

This was the first post that I read when it appeared on my Facebook wall. He wrote that remark upon the issue of DLCW's apology to the nation on Twitter. 

"Too late to say sorry.. U should have trained harder.. I need to wait another 4 years u know?!" 

I find this comment really ridiculous and rude at the same time. First of all, I think you should not be counted as part of those DLCW would like to apologise to cuz you don't deserve it. You do not appreciate what he has done and sacrificed for the country. Secondly, who are you to comment here--- he should have trained harder-- You're not his coach or trainer. You're just a "lawyer". I don't think your suggestion is appreciated by anybody. You don't know how hard he has trained to reach today's achievement. Winning a silver medal in Olympic is nothing shameful and it requires a lot of effort. Your statement is just so untrue-- It sounded like he did not work hard for it. Thirdly, who bother whether you wait for another 4 years to watch his match? Do you think you're the only Malaysian who watches his match? If you don't want to watch, you think he is that lousy, just switch off the TV and go to Mixx (well, this person likes this place. For your information, Mixx is a prominent night bar in Malacca. You  know what kind of person he is---) to do anything you like there. Nobody forces you to watch. There's always winning and losing in a match. If you can't take it positively (cuz you don't have sports spirit), just don't watch it. I wonder if there's anybody that tie you up on the chair and make your eyes wide open to watch the match on the TV. x.x *still imagining how you can talk like as though you're forced to watch a match that you don't really like to watch because you can't accept his lost in the game*

Another post written by him. 

You always knew he would lose? Why still bother to watch? Anybody forces you that day to sit down and watch? Have you ever been into any match that guarantees both players win at the same time? Are you expecting a draw situation? x.x 

Your Sunday night is worth spending on some places which only you think is worth going to. Mixx? x.x I don't bother where you go. It's none of my business. I'd just like to say that, if you think watching his match is a waste of time and it's within your anticipation that he'd lose the game, why not just don't watch at the first place? Don't you think you're such a hypocrite lousy Malaysian to say such thing? You sounded so enthusiastic to watch his match but at the same time you said you expected that he'd lose. You're a weird freako. 

1 last image to show how silly this person is. 

I cannot believe that you find this strange/awkward/odd/weird? Name it whatever feelings you might have upon seeing how Caucasian write people's name: Surname first, name after that. 

I wonder whether your degree for bachelor of law is real or it's just a.. well, ciplak one? Ha- Who knows? Anyway, I just find your comment super silly because anybody that goes to University (or maybe some don't but they knew) will know that it's common/correct/normal to write names like this. 

Or, should I wonder whether you know how to write Bibliography?? Need any tutorial on how to write this? Every articles need bibliography at the back. Haven't you come across this in your degree life?? Or, you are a plagiarizer all these while? Ooops. Wild guess. 

My final remark about this person is.. silly and a big shame shit of Malaysia.

I never expect that a lawyer is like THIS
- often visit night bar (ok, maybe this is your social life, you love it, no one bothers) 
- looks down on his own national player 
- talks without using his brain 
- rude in his remarks (so what if you don't spell out the word 'f_ck' in full when you intended to say that word at the first place? It makes you look like a hypocrite there) 

Malaysia-- oh Malaysia...
what a citizen you have here---- 


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