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Thursday, August 02, 2012

21st Birthday Celebration with Family

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : hmmm... 

My 21st birthday is indeed.. unforgettable. 
Reason: Secret.. 

I'm a year older but at the same time, I'm going to lose away something. 

Moist Chocolate Cake. 
I appreciate it but I really don't think I like it very much. =)
Given by darling Zi Yi noh--- 

On 31st early morning midnight, she drove to my house and told me that she's in front of my house. With the cake and her mom's S3 phone, she captured a video.. Thanks noh!!


I woke up around 10 am - my regular time. XD I slept late last night.. was troubled with some issue.. 

My breakfast was luxurious---  

Lo Mai Kai... 
It tasted like a big bunch of raw garlic..
It's cheap.. 
RM 1.80 big packet but it tastes AWFUL 

Guess what is this.... 
Mi Sua---- 
Chinese traditional dish during someone's birthday.. 
Full nia.... 

I also ate: 
Chee Cheong Fun 
9 lapis Cake 
Siow Pau 

What makes my birthday so special is that my family brought me out for dinner-- Our family doesn't have this practice.. My birthday is considered as the first birthday celebration at restaurant. XD Kind of happy. 

We went to LTP Restaurant near my mom's office. 

Before going out... 
Of course, I gotta make-up----
XD It has been a long, LONG time I didn't groom myself. 

Slightly edited these pictures using Photoshop to adjust the brightness. 
My room lighting is always very bad.

Poof poof fish face. 

I used -- 
BB cream sample (first time.. x.x zzzz) 
Silver-grey eye shadow 
Eye liner 
Lip balm + lip gloss (thanks to my cracking lips!)

We wanted to go to the branch in Malim because of the roasted duck dish. Luckily, Mom suggested to go to the one near her office. When we reached there, we were told that the one in Malim is not open at night. Phew-- 

RM 2 = = " 
Tasted... ordinary. I don't really like it. 
Secret Recipe tidbit is the best. 

Yam dish
This is nice. 
They fry the yam until golden crispy.. 
It looks brownish here--- 
because the lighting in the restaurant is yellowish..

I gotta admit that no matter how good a phone camera is, it still loses to a camera. = = " 

My white rice. 
I ate 1 bowl only. ^^ 
They used siam rice aka expensive rice. 

Hong Kong Sawi 
I eat only the leafy part. 
I don't like the stem. 
= / 

Nori tofu soup 
Ok ok lo--- 
The tofu is not in square shape when they are in my bowl... 

Lemon chicken 
Um, chicken skin more than chicken meat. = = " 

My soup. 

Steam Jenak fish 
Okay okay lor.. 

Cleaning tissue 
RM 0.50 per piece.

Ta dah... 
Finished. Clean. Lol.. 
Everybody's full.
It was quite a cheap and reasonable price dinner. 
A total of only RM 106 for 4 people dinner. 


After eating... 
Of course it's photo taking ceremony----

Ka chak ka chak!! 

Me and my Mommy--- 

Meeee with specs. 

Me with Mommy again 

Me, my younger brother and my mommy. 
All blue. 

My brother and I

I kind of like this picture but Zi Yi says I look a little 'frozen' here. = / 

Me, Daddy and Mommy.

Whole Family excluding my elder brother---- 

Nearer shot. 

Me and my Daddy
Many say I resemble my Dad. 

Some say I look like Mom too--- 

After group photos...
Here comes individual shots! 


My mom 


Everybody took, except my Dad. 
Cuz, he doesn't like to take photo. x.x


Chiang chiang chiang... 
My 21st cake!

And guess what?
I lighted the candles myself! 

I look extremely funny and horrible here
I was in my pajamas still... 
I will still post them up for memories.... <3

Cut cake ceremony~~


A gift from Poh Yong.. - mug 
Thanks noh! 

And thanks to all those who wished me. 

Thought the number of wishes for this year are not as many as last year.. 
I still appreciate those who bothered to wish me.

I only remembered the first few --- 
My elder brother is the first one to wish me (wahaha)
And then Joe Whyam
Then my boyfriend 
Then Mommy 
Then Zi Yi 
And the list goes on------ 

Thanks again to those who wished me---------- 
<3 you all 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! ^^

    I hope I don't sound too stalker-ish XD, but I was looking around the Web for more info on UPSI's TESL course and came across your blog~~

    I'm going to be your junior this coming September. Nice to meet you, I'm Mei~ :D

    I'm hoping, if you don't mind >///<, maybe you could share some of your experience: details of your orientation week, courses, campus life and etc?

    1. Thanks. =)

      No problem. Welcome to UPSI TESL. Ha-

      Add me in Facebook. We can chat there. ;)