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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Little Rice Cooker

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : hmph... 

I know I have repeat myself again and again about this but I just want to say it again -- I'm very happy that I bought myself a rice cooker. XD

The first dish that I cooked using the rice cooker. 
Mushroom with Spinach (Bayam) Dou Qian Noodle

The days.. When I haven't bought eggs. T.T 
Mushroom and potatoes. Very weird combination but that's the only stuff I have.

Curry Dou Qian with egg. Here comes the egg. XD

Tomyam noodle. 

Dry noodle with my specially cooked egg. 

Too much soup. 
My noodle sank at the bottom.

Black ketchup noodle with specially cooked round egg.

Not much of ingredients. 
Cashew nut tastes not bad in soup actually. 
It has some salty taste. 

Ahhh-- my epic failure spirali 
The puree tomato tastes like shitttt

Sardine paste spirali 
Better than tomato puree. 

Seaweed soup + egg. Yummy.

Eat with this. The leftover chicken from my lunch. x.x 
I cooked the rice! ;)

Life turns better now. 
I bought sawi. 
Cooked it in noodle soup. 

Tomyam noodle with vegey.
The vegey tastes better in tomyam soup.

Bought the long beans and fishball from Deli Cafe. 
Then, cooked the rice myself. 

This is the most successful pasta among all. 
Used the Maggiee powder form bolognese spaghetti sauce. 
It's cheap. I can eat 7 servings from a packet. You can store it after opening, unlike the pegro's sauce.

Noodle soup.

Fishball + mushroom + sawi soup

Not cooked by me. 
Terrible lunch. 
Paid RM 30 for this packet of rice. 
Big box but small portion of food inside. 
Not worth at all. 
I threw the vegey away because it has an odd taste/smell.
The chicken breast looks big but it actually contains fat and skin only.

Simmer vegey and add ketchup.
The healthy way of eating vegey besides frying it.

My aunt taught me this. 
Prickled jambu batu/guava.
I bought 1 guava at RM 2. 
Kind of cheap if you compare to buying it at RM 1 per slice. 
1 guava can make a lot of this. 
If you're a jeruk lover, I believe you're gonna like this. 
It's just so easy to make! 
All you need is guava and mandarin orange skin (the one you can buy at RM 1 per packet)
Slice the guava and the mandarin orange skin. 
Mix them well. 
They are ready to be served in 5 minutes time. 
Don't let it soak together for too long because I notice that guava will "keluar air" 

That's all for now. 

Gonna cook green bean soup when I'm home. 
And tang yuen! XD 


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