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Monday, October 29, 2012


. . . .  S T A T U S
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Guess what?
I have just spent RM 3XX in just a couple of hours.
I think I'm really a big spender, especially when I learn how to earn the money myself.
Shopping online is very convenient but of course, it's risky at the same time.

So far, I have made a few purchases online through various online shops.
Just now, I just bought a voucher via Groupon.
I can't wait for that day to come - holiday at Lost World of Tambun.

Check out the voucher here:

It's only available to purchase for another 3 days time. Then, the deal will be off.

Previously, I have worked for various customers who asked me to do Groupon related stuff. I had no idea what it is but I just do what they want me to do. Now, I finally know what it is! It's probably one of the best creations of menkind for online shoppers.


  1. Groupon = Vouchers = Discount. Of course, I'm not generalizing everything sold there are cheap and worth to buy. You have to take out your calculator and do some calculations when you want to buy something (unless, you're so rich and you feel that saving a little here and there is not a necessary). 
  2. It's quite safe? There are 2 types of paying options:
    • Paypal 
    • Bank Transfer (Credit/Debit) 
    • NOTEEEE: I was told that when you see a keypack lock beside the web link, it is usually an indicator to tell you that this is a safe and reliable website. Well, I guess this is the most basic knowledge an online shopper should know. 
  3. You can know how many people have purchased the particular voucher. It's written there. 
  4. Choose your destination and they will have different kinds of offers posted there. There's food and beverage company, electrical appliances company, saloon/spa and many more. Variety. 
  1. I can only find 1 bad thing about it. It has a clock. When the time is over and you can't place your order in time, that's it, the deal is not yours. Ah- This happened when I saw a blender which I find it very useful and cheap. It costs only RM 50 with various uses. It's portable, cute and mini. Too bad, it's sold out, long long time ago. 
  2. It takes VERY LONG to reach you. Normal delivery time for other items that you purchase online perhaps just need 1-3 working days time. This groupon item gonna take about 15-30 days to reach. This is a little displeasing because whenever you purchase something, of course you will expect it to reach your hands as soon as possible. Unfortunately, when you get something cheap, you just have to WAIT. I hate to wait, seriously. I'm still waiting impatiently for my slap chop while at the moment now, I need to bear with the tortoise manual work of using the chopping board and knife. =( I want my slap chop~! 


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