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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Summary of Sem 4

. . . . S T A T U S
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Dear readers, it has been a long time since I update this blog with stuff related to my life. I have quite a number of stuff to update today.... I'll have this post meaningful and easy-to-read by putting numbers to each main topic. Happy reading..

1) Summary of My New Semester (Sem 4) 
It's about.. almost 1 month since my sem started.. I have been busy all these while with my work and studies. I hardly have time to go for dates with my boyfriend. Time is really pack but I'm really trying my very best to squeeze out time for other stuff like - church service (I know I've been absent for quite some time..), dating, revision, blogging, drama and . . .

During schooling days, my everyday life is busy. I don't have extra time for nonsense stuff like gaming anymore. Watching drama is a waste of time for me too. =( My only entertainment is go gai gai with boyfriend during our leisure time..

This semester, I'm taking..
  • Selected Novels and Short Stories 
    • Well, I always like this kind of course. I like to read those literature stuff though it really takes a long time and lots of determination. 
  • Discourse Analysis
    • I feel that I'm a little lost.. x.x Trying my very best to keep in track with the lecturer. 
  • Selected Poems in English 
    • Oh well.. Poems.. For a start, we started with recalling those literary terms.. you name them: alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, symbol, metaphor etc (don't know what I'm talking about? Of course you don't because you don't study literature as deep in depth as I do!) 
  • Syntax and Morphology 
    • This is very much related to grammar.. Analzing word class and then.. I don't know what's next. For the beginning now, we are doing.. well, learn how to recognise the characteristics of specific word classes. Boring? Fun? No comment. It's more of like recalling Grammar stuff. Thank God I still remember them quite well.. (I'm talking about Nouns, Determiner, Verbs, Conjunctions, Auxiliaries etc.. Well, grammar..) 
  • Pengurusan Pembelajaran 
    • The compulsory Education course.. 4 credit hours. No text book. The lecturer talks a lot of interesting stuff.. He looks very well experienced with what he is teaching. Hopefully I'll do well in this paper.. 
  • Guru Bulan Sabit Merah I 
    • Ah-- Honestly, I don't really like this course. I never like BSMM/PBSM (the old name). I.. simply can't remember those wrapping/first aid and stuff.. I will forget them very fast because my brain tells me that I hate to store those stuff in my long term memory. Thus, I always forget what I learn. This happens as frequent as.. ALWAYS. I have been taking PBSM since.. Form 1! Ewww... 
  • Bahasa Sepanyol Komunikasi I 
    • I actually love this course. It's very interesting to learn a foreign language. I am dealing a lot with people from Argentina and Europe who speak Spanish. The way they speak English is weird. I can feel it from their sentence structure. Spanish is a very interesting language. It is a sex/gender language. Guess what? I can't differentiate those 2! I used to being forced to be able to distinguish when I was studying Social Studies.. Back to Spanish.. I really enjoy the lessons. The lecturer is a Malay yet she speaks fluent Spanish. Spanish has their own alphabet pronunciations. However, the way of writing it is roman style-- thus, it's not difficult to write in Spanish language. I need to spend some time to memorise those pronunciations one day. 
    • Just a few words I have learnt and still remembered-- 
      • Me llamo Lydia (My name is Lydia) 
      • Nada (You're welcome) 
      • Adios (Bye)
      • Idioto (Idiot... LOL)
      • Kom pre nes (Do you understand?)
      • Si (Yes)
      • No (No) 
      • Si kom pre do (Yes, I understand) 
      • Necessito ir (I need to go...) 
      • Queiro ir (I want to go...) 
      • Libreria (Bookshop) 
      • Profesora (Female professor/lecturer) 
      • Profesor (Male professor/lecturer)
      • Muei bian (Well done [not sure with the spelling]) 
      • Ko mo te llamas (What is your name [informal I guess]) 
2) New Roommate 
Honestly, I really LOVE this new roommate. She's from Malacca. She really reminds me of my old roommate at Jitra, Siew Ing. They have many similarities. ;) I became more active this semester because of her. 

3) New Rice Cooker 
XD I thought for a long time before I decide to buy. And I'm glad that I did. ;) Can drink bali water for only a few cents! Barley water is SO EXPENSIVE if you were to buy at outside! RM 1 for only 1 glass. 

4) Joined Lots of University Activities 
I am active in joining many activities because I wanna stay in hostel. Well, another reason is because I wanna try what is the life everybody is talking about that is so fun-- University life.. University life.. Ha- Let's see.. 

5) I DISLIKE + A Little Hate 
* People who procrastinate work. 
* People who don't know how to say sorry themselves when they know they are wrong (or maybe they don't know? A-ha! How funny--!) 
* People who use the shared toilet without concerning others (For example, they place all their toiletries in the bathroom -- on the basin and the place where you sit to release your poo [the top where you flush-- referring to sitting toilet]) rawwrr.. 
* People who DON'T obey to duty roster and wait for others to clean up their mess! 

=( I really really don't like these people... 


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