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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Syntax and Morphology Quiz.. Hmmm..

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood: hmph.. little bit tired.

I have Syntax and Morphology quiz tomorrow.
It's such a difficult course for me because I don't think I understand a single thing of what is taught during lecture.
Everything is confusing..
Nothing seems to enter my brain because I gave myself a mind concept that.. "I just won't get it no matter how hard I try"
Ah! Forget about it then!
The negative feelings that I have forbid me to follow the lecturer's class.
It's really very bad and I'm learning to cope it.

I'm glad that I finally have a better grasp of it now..
after a good discussion with boyfriend yesterday and tonight at KFC.
=) From nil knowledge to at least 60%.
I hope that what I have anticipated will be what that appear on the test paper tomorrow.
I'll CRY if they don't.

I think I left my phone cable at home.
I think I'm not going home during this coming semester.
I can't wait to go for the trip.
Ha-ha-ha I'm counting down the days. ;)
Semester 4 is a busy semester.
I have so much things to do and so little time to cope up with everything.
I have to steal time here and there to get all things done.
Ah- I don't even have much time to go for trips with boyfriend.
I'm so glad that I manage to get that coupon from Groupon.
Despite the fact that it is a little costly.. I think I will enjoy this trip because it is gonna be a less tiring one.
Usually, due to cost factor, we have to take the hard way rather than the easy way.
If there's a choice to walk, we will walk, to save cost.

I just need to strive on a few more days.
Then, all things will be over and I can have a good time and forget about all the sickening assignments and quizzes..
As well as my stupid part time job that makes me feel so tiring at times.
Mmm... There's also take and give in life.
To get the extra income, I have to sacrifice some stuff.

I should end here then.
I just wanted to say that I cooked Mian Fen Gao yesterday.
Too bad I can't show the picture here.
Ah- My cable-

*sipping green tea*
I need to stay awake tonight.


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