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Saturday, December 01, 2012

When You Know, I know

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When You Know, I Know 

It's just hard,
When you know, I know,
The lies are just an inch from the truth.
Tattered scars leave bad sore, 
When you know, I know, 
Things are just not that easy,
It is just queasy. 

I tried hard, 
When you know, I know, 
Hope is as thin as air. 
Countless of stabbing and throbbing, 
When you know, I know,
The hope is dead as dead, 
Just like a hanging head. 

Yesterday teased me,
When you know, I know, 
Today is not the same.
A clock is what I need, 
When you know, I know, 
I am just waiting for its tick
to lighten up the wick. 


I found this poem from my old blog. It's written on October 26, 2010. 
I just thought it was a nice poem that I should keep in this blog. =) 

I'm too busy to update my blog recently. I didn't bring my mobile camera. I'll wait till my digital camera reach and there will be photos blog post. ;) 

I met into a lot of stuff recently. How I wish I can blog about it now but time is not allowing me to do so. I'll be in deep trouble if I use the time to blog now. Hmm. Just a little peek into the next topic -- HACKING. Yes. I got hacked. I'll share about my experience - How I got hacked and how I deal with it. Stay tune. 

Alright. Off my butt to my work now! Adios! 


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