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Thursday, December 13, 2012


. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : fed up

When you gain something, you'll lose something. 
That's life. 

My past fortnight was gruesome. 
I have so much work to do with too limited time. 
Besides taking care of my assignments, I need to worry something extra that other people don't.
Some people think it is not wise to handle 2 things at once, especially when you know you're experiencing stress. 
I always feel that I can manage it. 
That is the reason why I'm hanging on until now. 

I got fed up with a few things lately: 
  1. Having to redo my presentation. Yes. Redo. Why? Cuz I have misunderstood the terms. I chose to redo because I don't want myself to regret on the day the results are announced. I don't want to have that 1 second thought in my head telling myself, "you probably won't get this IF you choose to redo that day". Ah-- So, I have decided to redo. And this means what? EXTRA work. EXTRA time needed. 
  2. Facing stupid, cheap and unreasonable buyers who post FALSE assumptions on my service and credibility. At times, I don't allow people's criticism in things which I'm good in. I get really.. stressed up and.. angry.. whenever people do this to me. When I know I have done well, I hate it when you say I don't! 
  3. Having limited sleep every night. To think back the past few days.. I think I'm only sleeping 4-5 hours everyday. How do I manage to stand the tiredness? Coffee is the solution I guess. I'm depending on it everyday now because I can't allow myself to collapse at this moment. I have so much things to do and I can't afford to rest as long as others. I just can't. 
  4. Having to do so many things by myself. I just feel really tired sometimes.. to do all these group works. I hate to do compilation work when I'm already doing a lot of the individually assigned task. I don't like the way people don't check their work before submitting to the person who's checking the overall work. It makes me feels that you're not committed, causing extra troubles to me and not responsible of what you're doing. I can tolerate typo errors if this happen like one or two times.. but not for stupid glaring errors like SVA errors. 
  5. My damn camera is not arriving yet. I am checking the post box everyday because I'm anxious to receive it. At the same time, I'm worried if it won't arrive. Another worry. Another headache. Damn it. 
  6. Having to redo some of the orders. Got the orders rejected. These are the few things that I really HATE to see. Redo = Extra effort = Extra time. 
  7. Study something that I have NO interest in it at all. Example? BSMM, Syntax and Discourse Analysis. I only love literature courses. I never like BSMM ever since Form 1 (Yes, I joined that since Form 1 and right until now, I never like it). Syntax and Discourse Analysis give me tons of migraine. I feel like killing myself on the spot when I'm striving to do the assignments. It feels like it takes forever to complete. Thank God that I have submitted Syntax assignment. My brain juice nearly melts out--
  8. Seeing the house dust bin forever FULL and yet people are STILL throwing stuff on the piled up mountain high rubbish. I have been the one using MY hand to push down the rubbish and tie a knot to the plastic bag for countless times. It's filthy and I know everybody doesn't like it. To avoid anybody from doing this, why can't they just STOP throwing rubbish into the bin when they see the plastic CAN'T fit in anymore rubbish? Why can't they just tie a knot to that full plastic bag and get a new plastic bag to replace it? Why is that so difficult?? 
  9. Hate to worry about assignment and exam marks. I try to console myself by saying that relax, cool, these are just.. figures. After all, I just need the graduation certificate to be a degree holder teacher. Getting first class isn't really that important after all. Unfortunately, I fail to convince myself. I got stressed up whenever I see the marks not appearing the way I wanted them to. 
  10. Hate this semester. Everything about it seems suck. No 2 days holiday for half a year. Ah! No KL trips (only went to KL like 2 times only in this semester). Have to study some courses that I have no interest in. They look like aliens to me. 


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