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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Damn Frustrated - 8 Suay Stuff At 1 Shot

You can never know how unlucky you can be, until you are facing all at 1 shot. The moment when I'm writing this blog post, I'm actually feeling extremely furious and frustrated with many things.

  1. I failed to get the hostel for next semester. The result was announced super late - on the Friday, one day before my final paper, the day when I am supposed to go home. 
  2. As a result, I had to sacrifice a few days staying at KHAR alone for a few days for the office to open on Monday. For the few days, my life is restricted because I need to save money on mineral water, my clothes are limited and I have to sleep without comforter and pillow. 
  3. Coincidentally, the 10 cents water machine is not functioning when I need to buy water. It took away my 20 cents for goodness sake, I wanted to try my luck for the second time with another 10 cents.
  4. Not end yet. Then, I have to faced all the dramas due to my relationship. I don't wanna describe any further. 
  5. And now, I fall sick. Flu and sore throat. Luckily, I took 2 paracetamol yesterday and managed to hinder myself from getting fever. 
  6. An incident that took place many months ago was being re-mentioned again. This neighbour of mine kept wanting my father to compensate him for I knocked his car when I was reversing. That incident gave me trauma in driving and of course, I couldn't escape from crazy scoldings from that uncle when I confronted him. He didn't want any compensation at that time but after a few months later, he said Toyota worker told him that the car surface has some area dented inside, which cannot be seen from the outside. Gosh- Guess what? Now, he asked my dad to compensate. And of course, my dad will ask me to pay because I was the careless driver. The figure is not RM 1XX because he said a few hundreds if he were to send it to Toyota service center. You have no idea how boiled I am when I heard that. I felt like being exploited because he could have asked for this compensation at the first place after I have banged his car. Why did he want to delay it until today-after so many months? Is he trying to cheat or what? I don't like to accuse people but he is making me feeling like that right now. 
  7. I wanted to chop my lengthy hair short because I have discovered the way to curl my hair using the hairdryer. Due to excessive expenses lately, I have to reconsider because I don't wanna spend unnecessary money anymore, at least, for a period of time. I have so much things to spend on:
    • New smart phone - Talking about the RM 200 rebate, it's not gonna be useful because I will not want a plan. I want to use my original number because my number has its service plan which I don't know how to describe here. In short, I don't need any data plan service or whatsoever. Thus, the RM 200 rebate seems like useless to me. 
    • Taipei trip in July - The flight itself currently costs RM 419 one way. Imagine, roughly  how much it needs for 2 ways. =( Not counting accommodation and other fees yet.
    • Compensation - Ha-ha-ha! I'm seriously very unwilling to pay this amount of money! 
    • Rental - Most likely, I will not get a hostel and I need to stay outside, alone. And, more money is needed if I were to stay outside. 
    • Hair-do - OK. I can totally forget about this because I have no budget for this anymore! Why? Because of some unnecessary extra expenses such as compensation and rental! Rawr. Also, no more online shopping for me, for a period of time. 
  8. I received a call from a lecturer yesterday. Happily, I thought that my unsolvable problem can be solved finally, another mess came out today. I was being scolded by one of my course mates. I was thankful and seriously appreciate his help for guiding me to solve the problem. However, my gratitude is replied with accusations and scoldings. It's true that I have troubled him because I asked him how to solve the matter - as he is the only person who knows how to do it. Everybody doesn't know because at that time, he was the only one dealing it! Who the hell I should ask except him? Thus, with full politeness, I asked for his help and in return, he blamed me for causing troubles to him. Ha-ha! I was seriously sorry for creating unnecessary troubles to you during your holidays. However, calling the lecturer to tell who the clerk is clearly is not a difficult task. Yet, he wants to blame me and scolds me "kepala batu" for this. Ha-ha-ha! If I am, then you are what? Selfish? I don't understand what is so difficult about this but I really don't like the way he approached and accused me consequently. I felt really furious when he said this "fed up of helping you". What kind of course mate/friend you consider yourself is? All I am asking is just WHAT-TO-DO in statements form. I never ask you to do anything on behalf of me! Why can that be so difficult for you?! My only fault is to find the wrong person to ask!
That is why-that is why.. I really dislike many people in my university. They think I'm problematic but seriously, look, who is the one having more attitude problem? I don't mind helping people who are in need of help because I know how it felt like, when nobody wants to help you at all. I don't want other people to feel it the way I do. Yet, I am being treated like that, by these so called "friends". Seriously, I am not bothered if any of you wanna befriend or not with me. To me, it's just the same. Everybody only cares about themselves and always think that you are right and I am wrong. 

It's really a heartache to see how people treat you in return after you have helped them. I'm not referring to the person above.. someone else. 

I am disappointed with university course mates. I am not bothered to have any one of them. Just happy to live the way I am, even though I am leading a boycotted life. What-so-ever it is, happiness is the only thing I am searching for and I hate to be puppet-ted by you people. One will not die without useless friends like this. 


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