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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self-shooting using Panasonic Lumix FH5

After being at home for a few days, my emotions begin to stabilize better. I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of myself when I was at KHAR.

Playing about with the scene setting of my new camera. 
This is the grainy mode if I'm not mistaken. 
Greyscale + Grainy effect

I didn't touch up on these 2 photos. 
It's kind of obvious that I have a huge zit on the right hand side of my temple. 
It is frustrating to have such alienated object on my face. 
I will try all ways to remove it and eventually,  hurts myself.. 
cuz it's not fully.. "ripe" yet.

This picture is being touched up a little - my hair.
I wanted to make it look more realistic by erasing part of the left hanging hair on my collarbone. 
Short hair looks great, isn't it? 
It's my current Facebook profile picture. =) 

Photos can really be very deceiving. 
How I wish my thighs are really that-small. lol. *dreaming*

To snap good photos, you need the following: 
  • A good mood. If not, you will find every photo having fake smiles. Natural smiles are really very important to determine how good the photos are. 
  • A not-too-bad camera. If not, you will find every photo's quality is too awful to even show it to anybody. The quality does affect the overall impact of the photo. For me, I seriously hate grainy coloured photos. It looks dirty, unless it is meant to be artistic.  
  • Basic angle techniques. Everybody can look good in photos as long as you know which angle of yourself looks the best. A very good tip is try to snap photo with the help of a mirror reflection. You will be able to see how your image will look like before you snap the button to capture. This will greatly help in producing nice photos of yourself. 
  • Make-up. This is optional if you have natural beauty. However, it's always good to take photos with make-up on because cosmetics can give better skin, eyes and lips colours. You will look more "alive" and "refreshed" with the help of make-up. Photos taken without make-up usually result in pale looking. Argh- I notice: 
    • Foundation/Concealer/BB Cream: helps to give your face a cleaner and silkier look. Of course, it helps to cover up zits and all kinds of nonsense that is not supposed to exist on your face. 
    • Fake eyelashes: I'd consider this as magic. It really helps a lot in changing one's look. It makes magnificent difference if you have them attached together with your original eyelashes. 
    • Eye liners: Simple eyeliners below your eyelids will easily give a nicer look for yourself. I always prefer to use liquid eyeliner for the top eyelids and lead eyeliner for the bottom eyelids. Liquid eyeliner definitely gives a "cleaner" look compared to the lead or pencil's.  
    • Lipstick/Lip gloss: I am not too particular with this but I think it will make you look more cherry looking if you can apply some colour to your nude peach lips. 
    • Blusher: I never find this essential because I think I have natural blushers on my rosy cheeks. It does help to give a cherry looking look though. 
    • Eye shadows: Good combination of colours of eye shadows is essential in giving great results. Wrong combination will consequently result in awful look-- By applying eye shadows, you will definitely look better under the camera too. 

I am not really a good model but occasionally, I do enjoy this youngsters activity: self-shooting. I only do this when I think I'm in a good-condition whereby my hair is not too frizzy and dry and my eyes aren't too tired to open widely. I hate how my eyes are sometimes, when I'm too tired, they seem to have difficulty in opening at its optimum size. x.x 

Anyway, the conclusion of this post is, practice makes perfect. Self-shooting is fun, especially when you see the results are good. ;) 

You can see some strands of my hair are flying over my face-- 
Anyway, like my hair colour?
It looks really obvious when I wear black. 
Thanks to Palty. 
Liese sucks. 
It can never give such significant result to my hair. =( 


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