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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Losing Weight and Slimming Down - is not easy

Losing weight to achieve your dream figure is probably one of the things that will appear in every women's wish list. I think it's time to blog about this because I have received quite a decent amount of comments from friends regarding my current figure. I am thankful and relief that this works on me.

I do not lose weight using natural method - exercise and diet control. I have tried those but they just do not work.. I was frustrated and gave up every time when I see no improvement. One day, I was surfing Facebook and I bumped into this product. I was really too daring - I didn't do much research on the product nor other products in the market. I just-- bought it. =)

If the company is willing to sponsor me, I'd be happy to blog about it but since there's no confirmation yet, I think I'll just talk more about my.. appearance and weight. =)

I used to write a post about weight loss and guess what? It's the MOST popular post in my blog with the most number of views. lol.

I am not sure if you notice anything different. 
I started taking this supplement in July and stopped on and off until January. 
Perhaps in photo, I don't look very much slimmer compared to July but trust me, my pants don't lie. 


7 years old 27 KG is a little big sized for a girl. Since young, I am not a skinny boney type of girl. I am more to the fleshy type. Furthermore, I am tall. My height gives more worse effect on my weight - I always feel that 
tall = big = fat. 

Argh- I really hate to think this way but seriously, it's true up to an extent. Somebody who is tall will naturally look bigger in size compared to those shorter ones with the same weight as them. Humph -- 

At the age of 15, I noticed that my weight is 63kg. I was so terrified by that figure and quickly started a diet plan. It was a diet plan that I created myself under no professional supervision. How daring I was during those days-- Hmmm.. I stopped taking rice for about half a year. The result was really good. From 63kg, I came down to 55kg. Oh by the way, I am 164 cm (5"4) tall. Being an Asian, I am considered quite tall. Most girls are only 159-162 cm. 

I was happy with my weight and everything at that time.. and I forgot to maintain it. I ate as much as I like and just don't bother about the fact that eat-too-much-will-grow-fats. I just.. eat as I want to. 

When I entered university, I got to know my boyfriend. He is a very thin guy and at that time, my weight was averagely around 58kg. I don't think I was too heavy during that time because I just don't feel.. fat. lol. 

2009.. I was then 18 years old. 
I was tan and dry after joining the national service.
I entered university at 18 years old. 
Okay, that's my 58 kg look. 

And then, 19 years old. 
I slowly put on weight. 
More and more. 
I was clearly 60+ kg at this time. 

Okay more photos. 
Clearer views. 
Look at how those fats surround my body... 
Look at how different I look like comparing 2009 and 2011. *faint*
It's crazily huge and guess what?
 I still don't bother to diet. 
Occasionally, I feel like slimming down BUT that determination never lasts. 
It will disappear as soon as some nice food appear in front of me. 

See how I look like in 2012. 
This is horrible..! 
So-so-so huge and fat and how I wish that's not me. 
Take note at the shape and size of my face. 
You will notice huge difference if you compare with how I look like in 2009.
I did not really snap a lot of photos because I feel-- fat all the times.
Sometimes, I managed to shoot a few nice photos at some good angle.. 
but most of the times, 9 out of 10 photos look fat and it makes me feels very discouraging.
So, I just quit self-snapping photos hobby. 

I started the supplement in July 2012 and ta-dah
January 2013 look. 
I am back to my 2009 appearance.
Well, I obviously look more matured here *after few years* I'm 22 now.
18 vs 22 years old. 
I was fat for about 3 - 4 years. 
I wonder how come I just don't feel it's an issue to slim down previously.
I just let myself grow fatter and fatter. *ahhh*

I am happy that I took 2 packages of the products and manage to ditch 9 kg from my body. My weight doesn't rebound back after stopping the supplement for 1 month. I still feel the same. =) Sometimes, the weighing scale says I am 58, 59, 60, 61 kg. The last time I remembered going up the scale, it showed 68 kg. I believe I wasn't just 68 kg during those days. It's possible that I have reached 70 kg before. I am really happy with how I look like now. =) I intend to finish up the last 1 month supplement. =) 

Conclusion: I didn't slim down using the most natural and traditional manner.. but.. I am thankful and glad that this product is able to assist me. It's really not easy to slim down. =)  

After slimming down, I feel more confident in snapping photos-- 
=) No more excess fats under the camera. ka-chak! 
I hope that you can spot the difference in shape and size of my face -