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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Marble Nail Art

Nail art is possibly one of the things that I will never be able to master very well. Humph. It requires really a lot of patience and.. patience. =) Of course, to have the skills, it is obviously a bonus. 

I tried water marble nail art. Argh- The process took soooo long. I started making it at 8 pm and I finished painting all nails at 10 pm. It's really not easy for a beginner like me.. especially when you don't know the tricks that manipulate the whole game. 

Okay. I am not an expert in this but I'd like to share a little stuff that I know after doing this experiment. 

  1. Use room temperature water. DO NOT attempt to try to use either cold water or slightly hot water. The temperature of the water plays a very important role. You are gonna waste a lot of nail polish if you insist. This nail art works best with room temperature. 
  2. Not only the temperature is important. The type of water used is extremely important too. Try to use distilled water if you have at home. I don't know about other water but I have tried tap water and distilled water. I can tell you, tap water will only allow your nail polish to spread for the 1-2 layers.. and then you will see blots  of polish at the middle - not spreading. This is really very frustrating-- 
  3. Get all your stuff ready by your side: base coat, Q-tip, acetone nail remover, opened nail polishes, top coat, cotton, toothpick, scissors, tape and dustbin. It's gonna be a mess when you start painting-- 
  4. To do this, the key is to be quick. If you're slow, that's it. Your nail polish is gonna dry really very quickly.
  5. I notice that the spreading effect is better if you change the water every time after a dipping session. Otherwise, sometimes, the colours just don't spread. 
  6. Use nail remover that contains acetone. The blue colour one is more healthy but does not contain acetone. Remember to read the materials on the label before you buy. You need acetone because you need something that can remove the excess nail polish on your skin, really quickly. 
  7. Do not immediately drop in the colours after you fill up new distilled water into the container. Start after you notice there isn't much water vibration-- I believe this affects the result, somehow. I find the colours spread easier this way. 
Things that you'll need: 
  • Nail polish (minimum 2 colours) 
  • Filtered water 
  • Cup/bowl/container 
  • Toothpick 
  • Acetone nail remover 
  • Q-tip 
  • Cotton 
  • Tape 
  • Scissors 
  1. Fill the container with distilled water. 
  2. Start taping your nails. 
  3. Put a drop of nail polish at the middle of the water. Wait for it to spread. 
  4. Put another drop of nail polish at the middle of the water. 
  5. Repeat (3) and (4) until you are happy with the number of layers. 
  6. Start to make pattern using your toothpick. 
  7. Dip your finger into the water. 
  8. Use toothpick to remove the excess nail polish from your finger. 
  9. Don't take out your finger immediately after dipping into the water. Let it stay there for like 20 seconds. 
  10. Get it out. Wipe dry. Use scissors to snip off the tape. Remove the tape.
  11. Use Q-tip with acetone to remove the excess nail polish around your finger. 
  12. Done. Finish off the other fingers.
Sounds easy ya? Let's see if you really can make it very well. I personally think my result is just.. average because this is my first attempt. 

I didn't really clean up the "affected" area. 

The colours spread well. 
You have no idea how frustrated I was when the colours just don't spread. 

Basically, this is how it looks like when your finger with tape on is taken out from the ink water.

The shape. 

I accidentally shook the container. 
So you see, part of it stick to the wall of the container. 
Luckily, the shape is still there. 
This is slightly more complicated than the previous one.

The light on top is really a trouble. 
Affects my photo.
I was in a hurry to snap the photo because the nail polish will harden very quickly.

Alright, nothing too impressive. 
This is my right hand. 
It really doesn't look.. very alright I guess. =( 

The last finger isn't intended to be made into gradient form but.. 
it just appears that way. 


  1. It didn't come very well but still it is impressive.

    1. Well, practice makes perfect. It takes really a lot of patience to do this - perfectly. Nice try by the way. =)