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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nail Art Isn't Easy At All

Learning how to do manicure/pedicure/nail arts is one of my aims during this semester break. Well, I am really not good in this -- I am not really a careful person with lots of patience. So.. haha-- It's expected that my nail-art result isn't going to be as fascinating as others. 

Anyway, who-cares. This is my first attempt and I had fun making them.. The few reasons why I also hate doing this: 
  1. I hate the smell of the acrylic chemical. It smells very toxic to me. I can't understand how the manicure girls can stand this smell everyday. x.x
  2. I can't finish up the right hand because my left hand is not capable to do it. zzz. 
I am a Photoshop expert (a-hem! lol) with many years of experience. However, due to the fact that I am using it everyday for my part-time job online, I really feel sickening to spend an extra second on it. Thus, I hardly photoshop my photos or make any timeline cover for myself.. I had to photoshop the following photos because the quality is just not too good because the light intensity in my room is poor. Argh- If the environment is bright enough, I wouldn't have to photoshop them --

NOTE: I am really not good in nail-arts painting. I'm making this blog post to share some of my results - lol  

I'm bad at painting 1 colour for the overall nail. 
It's just--- difficult!

I get these cracking nails at Elianto. 
I kind of like the last finger's cracking colour..
but I didn't buy at the end, because I find it expensive. x.x

So, here's it. 
The yellow stain is due to the paint on my door. 
Dad just got it painted in yellow recently. 
I slammed the door and accidentally touched it--oops!

I know my skills aren't good to show-off anything. 
So, I thought maybe getting myself a buffer would be a better idea. 
I hope you can notice my nails are slightly shinier here.

Initially, I wanted to make mustache prints. 
The video girl said it's easy but it's not at all... 
Thus, I ended up making.. bow ties. 
I find it much more easier than mustache.

I'm really an amateur at this.

The End.
Off to dinner and work later.

Just in case if you're guessing what happen to my right hand-- 
Yes. You're right. They are all empty with no colour or anything -- 


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