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Wednesday, January 02, 2013



Nowadays, you will hardly find people still using phones with keypads that you need to press in order to “do something” like SMS or call somebody. Everybody is using smart phone. If you have not got yourself one (like me), I have something useful to share, that is a cool and really-easy-to-navigate website and mobile app that enables users to search and compare products specifications. *drums-rolling* The Specpile.  

Via Website/App:

What It Does?
In short, it allows users to search the products that they want to survey and compare before purchasing. All you need to do is just:
  1. Type in the product model (i.e. iPhone 5) in the search column.
  2. Get full specifications on the product.
  3. Search for the “compare button” to key in 2 products to make comparisons in terms of specifications like colours, processors and etc.  
  4. And finally, the information will most probably be useful to help you to decide better which product you think is the best.

List of Products on Specpile:
Smart phones
Digital cameras

Why Choose Specpile?
Their website is easy, simple to use and intuitive. There’s nothing confusing that can make you lost track half way. That’s exactly where you need to visit when you need to compare two products simultaneously using the quickest and easiest method.

And Guess What?
The service that Specpile is providing is totally FREE. You do not have to pay a single cent to use it. It is such a useful and convenient comparison tool (yes, that’s what I call it) that almost everybody will definitely have no problem in using it. 

It’s not a huge website with a lot of functionality and services whereby you will find yourself lost at some unknown pages after clicking the wrong button. They make the website really simple and direct to serve its purpose: to allow users to search products and compare their specifications. Simple. User-friendly. Convenient.

There And Then – Nil Hassles
Not only that, you can actually access to the website using your mobile phone. This means that you can do the comparison of two products there and then in the mall while you are shopping. 

It’s very common for people to do some “homework” on the Internet for products like mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras because most of us are not gadget geeks who know all specifications of different models. It’s really hassles free if you can check the specifications on the spot and decide if you want to purchase the product displayed on the shelf.


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