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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Semester 4 Is Coming To An End: Experience and Holiday Aims

My final paper falls on 5 January 2013. The final exams for this semester took a short period.. about 1 week and I am permitted to go home. Unfortunately, due to some administration reasons, I am forced to stay back until 7 January 2013. I really hope that I will be able to go home tomorrow. Good luck and courage are very important for me to face whatever that I have to face tomorrow. 

I plan to take a short nap just now but I couldn't get myself to sleep. My brain keeps predicting what will happen tomorrow. Sigh. And consequently, my heart pumps faster than it normally does when I'm tension. Thus, I get up from my bed and sit in front of the laptop again. 

House Cleaning - A Good Form of Exercise 
I woke up early in the morning to complete 1 incomplete order yesterday. The first thing that I did was to clean the house and my room. The floor was indescribable dirty with lots of hair and leftover food such as onion skin and plastic wrappers. I couldn't bear to see how dirty it was and decided to sweep the whole house after sweeping my room. I can't understand how can the residents in my house stand how dirty the house is. =( Anyway, I took it like as though I'm doing some light exercise. I have not been exercising for a long time. Frequent house chores indeed is a good form of short period exercise. =) I don't mind cleaning voluntarily but what pissed me off at times is how people will not maintain the cleanliness after the place is cleaned up. How strange it is-- They aren't good at cleaning up and yet they are so good at dirtying it. Sigh. I'll be leaving this house in less than 24 hours time. No point complaining about this anymore. This is a problem that I will face every semester. I do not consider myself as a super hygienic person who cannot stand a cloud of dust. Hmm, maybe.. Comparing myself with the residents in my house, I am more particular about cleanliness. 

Nevertheless, I would like to comment about rubbish throwing. I noticed that many people are not used to (a-ha, a very nice way of saying it) throwing rubbish bag to the big bin outside. I can understand (seriously) if people are reluctant to do that but what makes me ponder and clueless is the fact that people will try to stack up the rubbish like a mountain when they can see that the rubbish bag obviously cannot fit in any rubbish. Look at the picture below as a stimulation to imagine the steps I am about to explain later: 

Okay- Obviously my house bin is not like that. 
Took this photo from random Google search. 
Try to picture what I meant when I say the rubbish is stacked up like mountain. 

And guess what? When there are people who do this, consequently there must be somebody who does the "cleaning-up" job - which is to: 
1) take a new plastic bag from the drawer
2) use her hand to pick up some of the stacked up mountain rubbish 
3) transfer the rubbish into the new plastic bag 
4) tie a knot to the over-loaded plastic bag which sometimes even contains liquid (leftover soup/rice rinsing water/any form of liquid) 
5) bring the rubbish bag to the big bin and throw it away 

I don't mind doing the cleaning occasionally but when it has became somebody's habit, it pissed me off. I do not understand why am I becoming the rubbish collector of the house whereby it is supposed to be everybody's responsibility. Some people are just not bothered about it because all they care is about themselves. 

The Duty Roster Has No Function
Another hilarious and ironic object that exists in my house - the Duty Roster. It's called a duty roster because it is meant for people to follow and be responsible of the mutual property we are using together. Ironically, it does not perform its function at the house I'm staying. Some people are diligent and follow it the way it is meant for BUT there are some people who never follow it at all. I am not accusing anybody before having any proof. Sometimes, I am in the house for the whole day and I notice that this particular XXX never does anything for the whole day.. not even the next day. 

1) I'm particular about cleanliness. 
2) I do not want to be blamed for not being responsible. 
Therefore, I will always make sure that I do what I need to do, especially when I am sharing something with other people. Monday is a super busy day for me supposedly. My class ends at 4 pm. However, I always take out some time to do the house chore as this is my responsibility as one of the residents in this house. It is disappointing and frustrating to see how some people can neglect this basic responsibility when they are part of the residents in this house. Their selfishness makes me feel that I am a maid in this house and they are the landlords (p-u-i). Won't you feel angry if you were me (taking care of the house cleanliness without fail for the whole semester but seeing some people being so selfish at the same time? 

Another funny scene that I noticed here: 
"Only My Area Needs To Be Cleaned"
Some people will only sweep half of the living hall (the half which is outside their room). *laughs* The living hall in this house is not very huge. If you do it fast enough, you can finish sweeping the floor in 5 minutes. However, there are people who do this kind of thing - only sweep the area where it is closest to their room and don't care whatever that is on the opposite. 

Ah- How can I forget this: 
Party-party and Dirty-dirty 
I don't mind if my house mates bring friends along and have party. I don't mind the noise too (well, I can always close the room door and continue what I am doing). It is their rights to bring whoever they want to the house. It is not of my concerned. It is fine to have party but I don't understand why couldn't they clean up the place after that. They will cook in a crowd (masak ramai-ramai, that's really good and improve friendship) and eat in a crowd (makan ramai-ramai, that's really enjoying). I have no comment on that but guess what? After cooking and eating happily, they will leave the living hall, which is also the dining hall with lots of rubbish around the table and floor. Being one of the residents in this house, will you  not feel angry and speechless when you see such thing? Especially when you always work so hard to keep the house clean and neat. People come to your house and just mess it up like that - and then, leave. I do not like this kind of attitude because I feel that these people are really very ignorant and selfish. They use other people's house as a venue to party (which is no harm initially) and leave it in a mess after using it. Have they ever consider what other residents in the house would feel after they come out from the room and see the dining/living hall in a mess? No, they can't be bothered. Sigh. 

One More Issue Before I End My Fret: 
Guess Where I HAVE TO Put My Toiletries Each Time I Use The Bathroom? 
This is not a new problem because I have raised this issue in the family meeting earlier. However, it is being ignored because there are people who keep doing it even after knowing that it is a trouble to other people. 

1) Answer me, "where do I need to put my toiletries when I want to bathe?"
2) Tell me how should I shift your toiletries when I need to clean the bathroom. 

I wrote a note in the bathroom even though I roughly know that person is. However, to prevent any face-to-face conflict, I chose to write a note and paste in the bathroom. And guess what is the feedback I got? The note was flipped over and ignored. 

I confronted the person who did it. I was again, being a coward (argh, history repeats). I gave in after seeing how persistent and feeling-that-she-is-correct portrayed by her. She seemed not to feel anything wrong for putting her toiletries around anywhere in the toilet which you can put things at. Usually, people would put their toiletries on the top of sitting toilet (the top part where it's near to the flush) or the basin. Those are the only 2 places where you can put things on without putting on the bathroom floor. And guess what? Those 2 places are fully occupied with other resident's toiletries. When I need to use the bathroom, I have to: 
1) put down the toilet seat 
2) place my toiletries on it 
3) then, bathe 

Back to what happened when I confronted her. Hmm.. She said, 
"this is a place where everybody shares together. I like to put it that way. Everybody has their own rights". 
I was puzzled and speechless when I heard what she said. To think again, I feel that she was amazing to be able to say such thing *amazed truthfully because I will never thought of how human equal rights can be interpreted as such*. To her, this is her rights but hey, may I ask how about MY rights? Other residents' rights? Where shall we put our stuff when we go to the bathroom? Why must we be the ones who have to do 1 step extra : pull down the toilet seat prior bathing. 

She felt nothing about it, obviously. To her, this is fair and just. In my eyes, I feel that it is really a selfish act because your so-called rights is causing trouble to other people. This is not the way how you reserve your rights. It is so not considerate because all you care is about what you like and what is convenient to you. How about others? Have you ever thought of what people like in return? Do you think I/we like to pull down the toilet seat before bathing? No, you don't bother. 

- - - - - - - - -

Sigh. Initially, I plan to blog about my semester holiday aims. I didn't know I will end up writing so much on what happened in my house for this semester. Hmm.. Enough of that. I am leaving here tomorrow. Despite all those bad habits that they have, sometimes, I cannot deny that they are good and generous too. For example, one of the Kelantan girls in my house fried Cucur Kentang and offered some to me. It was indeed delicious and a new recipe for me. Without those bad habits they I have explained above, they are actually not-too-bad (well, at least much better than my ex roommate last semester). 

After reading what is written above, you may ask, why the hell didn't I voice it out since I have so much unsatisfactory about my house mates? Well, I guess I have to be blamed partly too for my cowardice. Just like last semester, I wish not to mess up my life in the hostel and will usually choose to tolerate. However, choosing to tolerate does not mean that I choose to forget. I still think I have my rights to blog about it since this is part of my life and experience in hostel. I am sorry if anybody who reads this thinks that I am being too coward and loves to complain about something that cannot be undone. The reason I am writing all these is just to sum up my experience. 

One day, a girl in my house asked me, 
"Do you prefer to stay in this house or the house in the last semester?" 
Ha-ha-ha was my feedback. If you were to ask me to compare, of course I would say this house is much better. The people are better in some ways. Well, I cannot categorize everybody in my semester 3 house is bad. Some are really very kind and good, like one of the Malay seniors. I wasn't very close to her but I know she's a nice person. What made the most significant difference between this semester and last semester is who-my-roommate-is. 

Who Your Roommate Is Determines How Happy Your Hostel Life Is
My roommate for this semester is from Malacca too. She is 1 year older than me. She gave me a sister-liked feeling, just like how my roommate in IPDA did. She was really helpful and talkative (=P in a nice way, because she really has a lot of things to talk about). I feel more like a human in this semester because I have somebody to talk to. In the last semester, my life in the hostel was disastrous. I lived with a selfish and hypocrite lady who kept all the goodies to herself and ahh (I better stop describing her or else I will end up blogging another post about how-much-I-dislike-her). In short, this roommate of mine in this semester, Darvina, is a nice person to live with. We often talk and laugh about silly jokes before we go to bed. That's how roommate and hostel life should be (that is what I envisioned and hoped for all these while). She is easy going and able to talk about anything.. but sometimes, when her mood is bad.. oh-no, you better stay far away from her. Other than that, she's really a nice person. Too bad, she is being taken by Su Fang next sem. And I, better hope that I can find someone as good as her next semester (or maybe, I should pray hard for tomorrow that I can still live in the hostel). Sigh-- 

Semester Holiday Aims: 
Enough of all the blabbering about Semester 4 hostel life. I would like to sum up the things that I would like to do during this semester holiday: 
  1. Blog review about my Sushi Maker. 
  2. Blog review about the Takada Waffle maker that my family just bought not long ago. 
  3. Blog review about the Panasonic Hair Styler that I ordered that day - I hope it has arrived and I can try to style my hair with it. Hehe.
  4. Blog review about how to make Dorayaki (Doraemon's cookie). 
  5. Blog review about the Cookie Maker that I just ordered yesterday (I wonder when it will arrive.. hmm). 
  6. Practise jogging or maybe aerobic at least 3 times a week? 
  7. Learn some new ways of how to enhance my appearance? bwahahaha I'm referring to make-up skills. 
  8. Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 most probably because my C905 is calling for help. 
  9. Treat my family with the Sarpino Pizza voucher that I bought that day. 
  10. Hang out with my bff - chitchat, laugh and cry together with them. 
  11. Learn manicure - I'm really an amateur at this. Nvm. It's better late than never.
  12. Work out my new gigs to be successful. Earn the maximum profit for the things I need to purchase soon - smartphone. *big hole in the purse* 
  13. Learn how to love myself better. 
  14. Learn some new Christian hymns. 
  15. That's all I can think of at the moment----- 


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