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Friday, June 14, 2013



Aloha friends from all over the world. Today, I will be blogging about dreams versus real effort. Everybody has a dream to achieve in life. It does not matter how impossible your dream sounds to be because deep down the track, how much your effort in making your dreams turn true is what really counts. Always remember that big ambitions begin with little dreams. From there, you gain help from various sources to develop your dream to be reality.

I’ve come across this website and it'd be my pleasure to share it with all of you. Say hello to Middaydreams. As the name suggests, this website deals something related to dreams. 
Continue reading to know more about them.

WHAT IS Middaydreams?
Briefly, Middaydreams is the base for all dreamers like you and me to achieve our dreams. It is also the bridge that allows other people to be part of the success of a campaign. A platform is necessary when you want to transform your dream into reality.

Do take note that: Only Campaigns which reach a 100% of the pledges required will be funded. Backers will receive their pledges back if a campaign does not reach 100$ of the required pledges.

This is a fair game for all people. No one will be at disadvantage. The Middaydreams only acts as a platform for the resources of your dreams. They are NOT involved in the development of the campaigns. They have made it clear that the purpose of doing so is to make sure that the dreamers and backers will have 100% complete control and responsibility over their respective campaigns.

You and I, anybody who has a dream to be made into a reality is called a dreamer.

For your information, the backers are the most vital part of any campaign. Without their support, your dreams will remain dead. Their function is to always help out to make your dream a reality by supporting the dreams with better tweaks and bugs fixes. Besides, they also support your dreams with finances to increase and solidify the lifespan of the dream. In other words, the backers are like the backbone of your dream. They provide you the support in terms of financial.

To publish an idea means to start a campaign. Just follow the following steps and you are almost there.

Both the dreamers and Backers must be part of the Middaydreams family. Create an account with PayPal.

Step 1: Click on the “start” tab on the header of the page.

Step 2: Fill out the information required. This is the part where you let your backers know why they should pledge and support your dream. Describe your dream in the way that even a layman would understand. Upload a fantastic video and the preview images of your idea to prove to the backers that you have actually started the race to achieve your dreams.

Step 3: The Backers’ rewards. On Middaydreams, it is our rule that you should include at least one form of a reward for your backers. This is simply to show appreciation for their support. Middaydreams will not limit you, as a dreamer, on the type of reward you issue to your backers.Then, submit the campaign. The Middaydream team will review your campaign then publish it on the website for backers to see and support.

You gotta check out their website. Start now! =)
Click here to Middaydreams’s official website:

HOW TO CONTACT THE Middaydreams? 


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