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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kato Moving Company


I’ve made a quick Google statistic research on how many people in the US shift house in a year. So, here’s the result:

“Using the information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, out of a population of 282, 556, 000 people, 40, 093, 000 moved. That’s an overall percentage of 14.19 percent annually.”
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When one needs to shift from a place to another, one miserable problem that must be overcome is how-to-shift. For those who are looking for a good and reliable moving company, I have a recommendation here. Check out this company: Kato Moving Company.

WHY CHOOSE Kato Moving Company?
They have nearly 20 years of experience in the moving business.
Undoubtedly, the number of years of experience reflects how good the reputation of the company is. “20” is quite an impressive figure for a company to be able to sustain its business.  

They are reliable and efficient in providing moving services.
  • True. As customers, you are always worried whether the workers are reliable and efficient. You can’t possibly monitor them moving your stuff one by one. So, a trusted company with reliable and efficient workers is an important factor to be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting which moving company.

Their movers are amiable, reliable and professional.
  • Of course, from the customers’ point of view, you will always want to hire friendly people as it might be frustrating to communicate with some rude employers. Rest assures that you will meet one when you decide to hire Kato Moving Company. They have professionally trained employees who will provide you the best service in the friendliest way.

They are locally owned and operated company (Tampa Bay, Florida, USA).
  • Well trusted company based in the state of US. They have done great business in Tampa Bay, Florida and USA.

They are the proud member of the local Tampa Bay Area business community.
  • As stated previously, they are well known among the Tampa Bay Area community. If you are staying at that area, you probably know them too, don’t you?

They have employed expert movers who will insure your possessions are moved professionally and on-time.
Having your treasured possessions moved professionally and on-time is really an important factor that you must be particular of. And guess what? Hiring Kato Moving Company is just the right choice. They will make sure that your stuff is being moved safely from one place to another without damage. Time is precious to everybody. They promise to be punctual in their delivery.

They provide Free Quotes.
  • Wow – Free Quotes. Are you still thinking twice??

The prices that they set are affordable and reasonable.
Nobody likes to pay a lot for something that does not worth the price. Hiring Kato Moving Company is simply the right choice to make while spending your money worthwhile. They are professional, efficient and charge a price that is affordable.

They provide all moving services, ranging from local and long distance, residential and commercial.
  • So, whoever you are, whatever your purpose is, Kato Moving Company is there to provide their service. Pick no one but only Kato Moving Company.

Phone: 813 708 2767


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