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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blabbering updates

It's 29th of July. I suffered from headaches recently - It was a horrid moment to endure. Looking back at the semester holiday that has passed by for 1 month plus - I began to ponder whether I spent it wisely.

Let's look at what I've done so far -

  • Bali trip with family 
  • Taiwan duet trip with my buddy 
  • Slim down by exercising and diet 
  • Master piano accompaniment skills (half way through it) 
  • Cooks unusual pasta 
  • Cleans up my house (half way through it) 
  • Works as a freelancer day and night (duhh-) 
Time passed pretty fast. It seems like I have not done many things. Humph -

Many people were so crazy over the minions last week. Thankfully, I'm not one of them. I will only crave for the fries and not the minion toy. I tend to fall in love with mobile app games lately. I am playing Jelly Break, Minion Rush and Candy Crush Saga. Haha - I pick up rather slow - When everybody has finished playing, I'm just about to commence. 

It's difficult to write in proper grammar - I am not a good writer. Looking at some people having some difficulty moment during practicum actually heightens my hear towards teaching. I really hope that I'd be able to have a smooth sailing time during my practicum, which will arrive soon after next year's CNY. Sigh -

My friends celebrated my 22 birthday during our last outing. Thanks Laycheng, Ziyi, Jessica and Meilan for taking out the time to celebrate for me. I really love the chocolate cake very much. I love my new watch too. My old watch has accompanied me for many years - perhaps it is time to have a rest. 

Seeing some people having smooth relationship makes me notice how important it is to value the moment. Not every couple manages to live happily ever after forever - Some end their love voyage at the middle of somewhere and meet up with another person - And that concludes the journey of those two. How sad reality is sometimes - 

I don't have much photos to update in this post - I guess that's all. 


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