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Friday, August 02, 2013

The D's Golden Delights - Part 2


Aloha readers. If you do follow my blog, you will notice that I have blogged about this website before. To follow up the first post, click this link:

I will not be introducing who this website belongs to as you can read those from the previous post that I have written. Today, I’m gonna talk more about the services that Dianna provides for her customers.
If you go to Dianna’s website, you will notice a column on the left hand side, located just underneath the video. Just fill up your name and email address, you will get a free copy of Dianna’s 9 secrets to sanity and happiness book. It is absolutely free. I have just tried it. All it takes is just less than 1 minute to have the copy accessible right in front of you.

It is available in PDF format. It is really a very easy-to-follow procedure that I bet no one can go wrong following it. There are 28 pages total in this PDF file. I did a quick reading on it and I noticed that it’s really very informative and useful for dog keepers. I stumbled at page 24 that begins with the headline: Learn the R.E.S.T. Method of Taming The Chewy Puppy. It is not easy to tame a puppy I suppose. Are you curious what R.E.S.T. acronym stands for? Download it today.

Another thing that I’d like to highlight is the little cute picture puzzle on Dianna’s webpage. It is located underneath the column where you sign up for the free PDF. It is a rather simple fun Golden Retriever picture puzzle to enlighten a stressful day. Golden Retriever lovers should probably like this simple game.

If you browse through the testimonials page, you will notice these adorable dogs named Tugger, Dudley, Bailey, Annie, Sadie and the pair dog – Zoe and Lola. There are some other dogs which I do not list down all here. These dogs are purchased by customers and received good feedback from their owners. You can read about the development of the dogs with their new owner from the testimonial page. It is quite interesting.

I like Dianna’s page because it is fully equipped with all the things that a buyer needs to know. It is important to have an attractive website that catches the attention of dog lovers. She has many dog pictures around and everything are neatly organized. Good job in developing an organized website. I simply hate to browse website which has buttons everywhere on the page – I will somehow “lost” my way and end up clicking X on the far right corner.

All in all, if you are interested to know more about Dianna’s page, remember to visit her website at


  1. Thank you once again Lydia for liking our page because as you said.....

    "I like Dianna’s page because it is fully equipped with all the things that a buyer needs to know"....

    We are always striving to equip and educate buyers of golden retriever puppies.