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Friday, July 05, 2013

Trip to Bali Island 6 Days 5 Nights

Trip to Bali Island

On the past 27 June 2013, my family and I went to Bali Island in Indonesia. It was a splendid trip. We did almost everything we had to at Bali. Basically, no regrets left behind. By the way, my family including me consist of 5 people. We spent a total of RM 4 000 approximately for the whole trip.

I am gonna divide this post into 2 parts. 
1.  Summary of the trip 
2.  Detailed trip details 

* * * * 

Summary of the Trip 

We went from 27 June 2013 till 2 July 2013 (6 days 5 nights) 

Expenditure based on per person: 
Flight: Approximately RM 200 to and fro 
Accommodation: RM 30 per night including breakfast (never change hotel) 
Food: Approximately RM 10 - 100 per meal depending where you dine in 

Total expenditure per person: Approximately RM 800 

We booked Air Asia flight a few months before the departure date at a promotional period. You can get it cheaper if you are lucky. My brother bought RM 100 to and fro when he went there on his own during New Year 2013. 

We booked our hotel from Agoda. The rate is twice cheaper compared to walked-in price. It is $20 per night for twin/double room. If you check in via walked-in method, you will be charged a rate of $40 per night. So, TIPS: Book early via Agoda.

How to do the calculation: 
10 000 Rupiah = 1 USD = RM 0.30 approximately 

Day 1 (Begin the journey) : 
10 a.m. - Leave home to Malacca Sentral
1 p.m. - Reached LCCT (approximately 3 hours journey because the bus stopped at A Famosa and some other places) 
Brunch at KFC in LCCT after check-in 
3.45 p.m. - Flight to Bali (The flight was delayed for 10 minutes)  
7.00 p.m. - Arrived at Aiport (Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar) 
9 p.m. - Dinner at Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant (Expensive!) 
10.44 p.m. - Check in to Hotel Amaris 

TRANSPORT: MPV taxi from airport > Jimbaran > hotel 
Charge: RM 60 

Day 2 (Kuta) :
9.30 a.m. - Breakfast 
10 a.m. - Walked around the beach which is nearby the hotel 
Walk around Legian Kaja Kuta, Bali (streets nearby hotel) 
3 p.m. - Lunch at Bamboo Warung 
Evening - Swimming at the hotel pool 
Night - Walked around the streets in Kuta to see the memorial monument 
Dinner - Hawker Center in Kuta for RM 130 - 140 for 5 people 
9 p.m. - Foot massage  

Day 3 (Ubud) : 
9.00 a.m. - Breakfast
11.30 a.m. - Visited Silver making factory 
12 noon - Visited coffee plantation 
1.20 p.m. - Lunch at Johny Restaurant, Ubud (Expensive!) 
2 p.m. - Visited Monkey Forest Sanctuary (RM 6 per entry) 
5 p.m. - 6.30 p.m. - Visited Tanah Lot 
7 p.m. - Arrived at Kuta, booked white water rafting tickets at one of the tourist agency shop
8 p.m. - Dinner at De Yogi Cafe Warung 
10 p.m. - Body massage 

TRANSPORT: MPV taxi from hotel > All visited places > De Yogi Cafe Warung 
Charge: RM 120 whole day

Day 4 (Telagawaja Karangasem > Uluwatu) :
7.30 a.m. - Breakfast 
8 a.m. - Traveled by MPV taxi to Telajawaja Karangasem (70 km 2 hours drive journey)
10 a.m. - Played white water rafting 
12 noon - Buffet lunch 
4 p.m. - Traveled to Uluwatu to see Kechak dance (45 minutes journey) 
5 p.m. - Reached early to get a nice seat. The traffic was bad at this hour. 
6 p.m. - Watched Kechak dance performance for about 30 minutes. 
Night - Dinner at one of the warungs that sell Babi Guling 

TRANSPORT: MPV taxi from hotel > Uluwatu > hotel 
Charge: RM 75  

Day 5 (Kuta Beach) : 
9.30 a.m. - Breakfast
Spent whole day at the beach 
Dinner - Australian bar restaurant with live band performance (RM 100 western food meals for 5 people) 
10 a.m. - Foot massage

Day 6 (Back home):
9.30 a.m. - Breakfast
Packed stuff to check-out.
11 a.m. - Left hotel to the Ngurah Rai Airport
2.46 p.m. - Departed Bali (The flight was delayed for 45 minutes.)
6 p.m. - Reached LCCT 
Shop at Duty Free shops to buy chocolates and alcohol. 
8 p.m. - Left LCCT back to Malacca Sentral 
Traveled home by taxi at RM 20 per cab. 

* * * * 
Pictures and Details 

DAY 1: 27 June 2013

Boarding pass to fly to Bali. 

I guess this is quite important for people to take note of - 
What is allowed and what is not - Hand carry luggage. 

Dinner at Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant 
It costs RM 300 (1 million Rupiah) for 5 people. 
It was extremely expensive. 
The food aren't very fresh but their cooking skills and marinate sauce were awesome.

It was raining. 
Thus, we didn't manage to have our dinner at the beach. 
The restaurant in Jimbaran had a beach outside to dine at. 
It was a nice scenic view - having your meal while enjoying the sea breeze. 

If you are on a tight budget, it is not recommended to dine in here. 
Jimbaran seafood is famous but it's really expensive too. 
If you are an European, you would have no problem. 

We stayed in Amaris Hotel for 5 nights. 
We booked via Agoda for $20 (RM 60) per room per night (for 2 people - double/twin bed).

NOTE: Walked-in check-in will be double of the price. Late booking online will be slightly more expensive too. 

REVIEW for Hotel Amaris: 
Cleanliness: 40% 
I stayed in a queen sized bed double room alone because I am the only daughter at home. My brothers stayed in a twin room. The tables, mirrors and everything else look clean from the naked eyes. However, the beds have bed bugs. I was being bitten by bed bugs. In addition, my pillow smelled like some rotten fish (weird description - I don't know how to describe it better). It doesn't smell good - It smells really filthy and unwashed - 

Location: 90% 
This hotel is located at a very strategic location in Kuta, a town in Bali. From here, you can walk to a nearby beach. Also, there are many warungs and dine in places around the hotel. If you feel like going for a massage, they have many beauty salons along the streets. They are not far from the hotel - you are able to walk there by foot - around 3 - 7 minutes. 

Hospitality: 100%
The hotel employees are very amiable. They always greet you with both palms meet together, like how Thais greet. They always have a smile hanging on their face when you enter and exit the hotel lobby. They are always helpful and polite. 

Breakfast: 80%
I kind of like the breakfast served. I stayed there for 5 nights. They provided 2 main courses everyday with other dishes. For example, they served rice, bihun goreng, chicken sausages, vegetable, cereal (Corn flake only), fresh milk, coffee, grape syrup juice, toast bread (with kaya, chocolate and butter) and fruits (2 types usually - they served bananas everyday). If you are a Malaysian, you will have no problem with the food there. I don't find them too exotic. 

Price: 90% 
If you were to book via Agoda, I find the price reasonably cheap and affordable. It costs only RM 30 per person per night if you are staying in a double/twin room. Of course, this price is only OK to me if I were to book via Agoda.

Facilities: 70% 
Swimming pool - They have a public swimming pool beside the hotel cafeteria. It is not very huge nor long. The depth of the pool is 4 feet. 
Hair dryer & water boiler/kettle - They do not supply.
Telephone - The one in my room is not functioning. 
Washing machine - None but it's okay - the basin is big enough for you to wash your clothes. 
Room service - They do it everyday. 

DAY 2: 28 June 2013

My first breakfast in Bali Amaris Hotel. XD 

Hahaha.. My mobile camera cannot really capture me jumping off the ground. 
I'm waiting for my brother's camera upload. 

Bali always rains. 
We felt fortunate because only the first day rains. 
The other days are sunny. 

This yellow flower can be found everywehre in Bali. 

LEFT: Bintang is the popular brand of beer in Bali. It is quite cheap. I can't remember the price. I 

We ate at this place for lunch. 
It's well recommended. 
The food is cheap and delicious. 
Their Nasi Goreng is famous. 

My brother and my mom outside of the warung. 
There is a shady tree beside where we dine. 
It is a very cozy and comfortable environment to eat at. 

The Mi Goreng tastes super good too! MUST TRY!

My mom says the tempe tastes good. 
I don't eat this so I have no comments. 

Chap Choy - Stir fried vegetable. 

The Indonesians are very religious people. 
They have this little thingy placed outside of their shop. 
It's for good luck I guess. 

Just a random photo that I snapped along the street in Kuta town. 

This is a petrol kiosk - haha just joking. 
It's for motorcycle. 
The interesting thing about Bali - You do not really need to have a license to drive motor in Bali. 
It seems like anybody can drive as long as you pay the rental. 
It costs RM 30 per day without petrol if I'm not mistaken. 
Many surfers sit motor to the beaches. 
Some of the motors are equipped with holders to seize the surf board. 
This kind of petrol kiosk can be easily found everywhere in Bali. 
It's very convenient for motorcyclists to refill anytime when the vehicle runs out of petrol.

LEFT: Swimming in the pool. 
RIGHT: Behind a garden. 

I can't remember where I snapped this.
Should be around Kuta beach.

For dinner, we ate at this hawker center in Kuta. 
It's a huge one with many different stalls. 
Some people promote their stall by using a live crab - It's so hilarious!
The crab became a demo crab before it has to turn into food to be served on plate. 
All the food above cost only RM 130-140 including drinks for 5 people. 
We ordered fruit juices. 

Okay don't ask which is my leg - x.x 
We went for foot massage. It was fun!
It is the nearest beauty salon located near our hotel. 
It's so cheap until we actually plan to go massage daily.  
For 1 hour of foot massage, it costs only RM 16.50.
In Malacca, 1 hour of foot massage can easily go up to RM 60-120!

My dad said after massage, we need to drink water. 
Why? I don't know. 

It's called Carla Spa.
If you are looking for really strong sensation - choose the male massage therapists. 
I tried both male and female. 
I can really feel the difference in terms of strength. 

DAY 3: 29 June 2013

Attire for Day 3 - 

Me with my breakfast.

The other fry egg is not mine. 
I only eat scramble egg. 

Photos taking - 

Snapped this when we were visiting the silver making factory. 
No entrance fee needed. 
We stopped by here because it is located on the way to Tanah Lot. 
The rings we are wearing are the molds. 
The person said the one I'm wearing symbolizes good whereas my mom's symbolizes evil.
Just like Yin and Yang.

The man working the rings very carefully. 

I bought my little ring here. XD
Silver. RM 60. 

Here's the cute box to put the ring. 

We visited the Coffee plantation after that, which is also located on the way to Tanah Lot. 

The coffee plant and its fruit. 

Different kinds of harvest. 

This is an extremely important animal in Bali to produce a certain kind of local delicacy. 
The fox is responsible in the process of making Kopi Luwak. 
This is a very special coffee.
I couldn't believe what I heard at first -

Feed the fox with coffee beans > Collect the fox's poo which contains undigested coffee beans > Clean and process the undigested poo to be made into edible coffee beans. 

Does it sound gross to you? 

The coffee lady frying the processed coffee beans.

This is the "harvest" of the fox's poo with undigested coffee beans. 

My brother and I - 

LEFT: Me pouncing the coffee beans. 
RIGHT: The coffee plantation business card. Free entrance.

The ones with a FREE label means we can have free sampling taste test. 

Here's the different kinds of coffee and tea. 
I love the one in yellow nearest to you - 
I can't remember the name of it - it's a kind of tea. 
It's too expensive to purchase though. 
The Luwak Coffee is not included in the free sampling.

They also provide chocolate free sampling tasting.
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate with orange and vanilla chocolate.

Family photo - taken at the coffee plantation.

We dined in at a place called Johnny Restaurant which has a very beautiful paddy field environment behind us. 
It's meant for Westerners with higher currency. 
The roasted chicken tastes good however the price of this meal is extremely high. 
The driver is an idiot because he brought us to such a place - 
As a courteous customer, my brother offered him a lunch treat. 
In return, he brought us to a place to be "slaughtered". 
I couldn't accept how ungrateful some people are - 
I don't care if you are poor or not - this is a matter of manners to me. 

Look at the price yourself!
The tax itself costs RM 30+ 
We only ordered 3 main courses and it costs near RM 200!

We went to the Monkey Sanctuary to visit the monkeys. 
The stupid monkeys nearly tore off my dress in public because of a few bananas! 
So, take note. Remember to keep the bananas in your bag or somewhere not easily visible to the monkeys. 
They may be smart though - they might snatch your bag. 
Each banana costs RM 0.60. 
You can buy them at the entrance. 

RM 6 per entry / adult

My parents - 

Panorama shot at Tanah Lot

It looks like silhouette. 

The strong waves at Tanah Lot. 

The sea at Tanah Lot.

A better view of the rock temple. 
This temple is the reason why Tanah Lot is famous. 

The people crossing the shallow sea to the temple. 

While waiting for sun-set...

The quality of the picture isn't very good - 
Back light - 
The 3 of us.

Tanah Lot. 
Its scenery is beautiful. 
Nil entrance fee. 

We had our dinner at De Yogi Warung, Kuta. 
Mom's Avocado juice tastes good. 
The beverages here are good but the food are too oily. 
Poor rating for the food. 
However, the price is really affordable and cheap.
We ate like a feast. 

Nasi Goreng Kepiting (I think I spelled wrongly - it means crab fried rice)

This is a famous local delicacy - Foo Yung Hai
It's a kind of Indonesia Chinese omelette. 

Big shrimps. 

DAY 4: 30 June 2013

The 4 meter tall "Water-fall" at white water rafting. 
It was everybody's first experience, except my elder brother. 
It is really very cheap. 
For only RM 66, it includes the 14 km white water rafting + buffet lunch + transport to and fro from Hotel Amaris (14 km journey one way) 
I didn't manage to snap the photos of the food because I didn't bring my phone along that day. 
You can bring your stuff actually.
They have a special waterproof bag to keep your stuff while you do water rafting. 
Also, if you want to snap photos while rafting, you can pay for the photography service. 
For 80-120+ photos, we paid RM 100. 
We thought it was a memorable moment once in a lifetime, thus no harm paying a little. 
The above photo was taken by the photographer. 

Outfit for the evening - 

To enter Uluwatu Temple, you need to pay RM 6 

To read it, just click to enlarge.
At this Uluwatu temple, there is this famous Kechak dance which is actually a form of theater. 
It is a 30 minutes show. 
The actor and actress don't talk. The show is accompanied with people singing Chak Chak Chak. 
It might be boring for some people - 
The theater talks about a Hindu legend. 

I managed to snap this photo while waiting for the theater to begin. 

You need to go early if you want to have a good seat. 

It's getting dark. 

The highlight of this show is this part- where the Monkey is stepping on the fire. 
We were told that the actor/actress of the Monkey is possessed with some spirit which enables him/her to step on fire without feeling pain. 

The twilight at Uluwatu after the show. 
Advice: If you are after sight seeing, skip the show. Go and snap photos of the temple. 

This is the famous Babi Guling at Bali. 
People always brag about this food when we arrived at Bali.
Finally - I've tasted it. 
It tastes like Nasi Kerabu's meat - 
Honestly, I loathe the taste of it. 

This shop is located near Uluwatu Temple. 
I will not recommend people to come here because I think the food served is horrible. 
Various pork meat are served on the plate to be eaten with white rice  
However, all the dishes taste awful!
It costs RM 10 per plate.

LEFT: Feeling excited to begin the meal. 
RIGHT: The damn Babi Guling is TOO spicy! 

DAY 5: 1 July 2013

I eat Cornflake cereal every morning.
It tastes good! 

Lontong - Lunch 
We had our meal at a warung nearby our hotel. 
I can't remember the name - Ah -
It's one of the famous warungs at that area.

LEFT: Lontong dish/kuah
RIGHT: My lontong 

Hahaha.. Enough of my self snap photos. 
Don't blame me! 
I had nothing better to do at the beach.
Everybody had their own activity except me! 

My cordon bleu dinner at one of the Australian bar-restaurant. 
Ah - I used flash. 

DAY 6: 2 July 2013

Last day outfit. 
Going back home. 

Watch out for this logo. 
Catch only Blue Bird cab. 
Don't ever sit a cab without a meter. 
They will anyhow charge you. 

My parents with the Air Asia plane at Bali. 

From the window - 
Bali sky. 

Due to the time of our flight, my brother booked the Nasi Lemak online.
You'll get to enjoy 20% off if you book online.

So that's how the Nasi Lemak in Air Asia looks like.
 It's not really big but sufficient for me. 
I dont't like the sambal taste though. 


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