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Friday, June 21, 2013

Yes or No

Recently, a friend of mine posted a song on Youtube. It's called "If You Have Courage One Day" 如果有一天你有勇气. I like the tune of this song. I can really feel the need of being courageous in this song though I don't understand Thai language.

One night, out of curiosity, I looked out for this movie on Youtube. I wonder why Thai movies are easily accessed through social media like Youtube. If that's the case, will people still support genuine DVD? 

The quality of the movie on Youtube is kind of okay, acceptable. You can find this movie in either English or Chinese sub. They are abundantly uploaded on Youtube. 

Yes or No Part 1 Chinese sub. 

And here's Yes or No Part 2 Chinese sub: 

Part 1 versus Part 2 

This is a Thai movie series. According to the director P-nai (I guess that's the spelling), he had the inspiration to shoot this movie after watching two books - entitled "Yes" and "No". He read it overnight and was touched. The reason he filmed this movie is to show to the public that homosexual love can be pure and innocent. He is not trying to use the movie as any propaganda to follow the trend. 

Yes or No is a movie that talks about two young ladies who got into a college and fall in love gradually. It's a simple and sweet love story between two girls. This movie is not as obscene as some people thought. To me, it is a movie that reflects current issue that occurs everywhere on the globe now. 

I find it worth watching because I personally like to watch comedy. It's cute and funny. Furthermore, the two ladies are outstanding in terms of their appearance - Kim (Tina) is "handsome" haha whereas Pie (Aom) is pretty! 

After watching this, I had the curiosity again to watch more stuff related to lesbians. So, I found this entertainment show as I was surfing. I laughed till my ass is off from the seat. 

I couldn't bear the fact that how men can feel intimidated when they lose to a tomboy. Anyway, I don't feel that those Taiwanese tomboys are as hot as Tina? x.x They look huge.. Urgh - 

I guess that's all for today's post. I'm watching a lot of movies lately. Haha - I'm waiting for Vampire Diaries Season 5 to be out. I can't wait for it!  


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