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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Post Semester Break Look-back

The semester break's end is approaching really very soon. To look back what I have done so far, here's the list to conclude:

  • Improved my piano playing skills - I'm glad that I am able to play more complicated chord variations than last time. There's still a more to improve - 
  • Composed 3 songs that belonged to me. One of it was co-written with somebody. I've never thought that I could create songs of my own. A small compliment for myself - yeehaw! 
  • Baked a chocolate cake mix and frosted it. 
  • Made thousand layers crepe cake twice. 
  • Baked egg tarts.
  • Visited Bali with my family. 
  • Visited Taiwan with my buddy. 
  • Earned pretty well with my part-time job. 
  • Used my yoga mat to do Figurobics.
  • Watched my favourite childhood series - Spellbinder Season 1 and 2.
  • Experienced facial for the first time in my life.
  • Had my eyebrows trimmed and shaped perfectly to maintain in a long-run.
  • Cut my fringe myself. 
  • Coloured my hair for the final time before I turn it into black/dark brown once again.
  • Had fun with my bff. 
  • Had some great moment spent with my Mom - pedicure/home spa time. 
  • Tried to put on fake eyelashes but still not very successful - will try harder next time.
  • Something special happened which I cannot tell for now. 
  • Done geometrical nail art on one hand. 
  • Played Bakery Story like a maniac. 
  • Addicted to Subway Surfer and Candy Crush. 
  • Reached Multiplier 30 in Subway Surfer. 
  • Make Bing Pi Mooncake with my Mom.
  • Had many times of steamboat with my family using the Cornell multi-purpose cooker
  • Watched most of XiaXue's Guide's to Life episodes.
  • Watched other videos hosted by Click Networkz.
  • AND ... 
I am a little used to the life I'm living at the moment. I'm quite glad that I do not have many credit hours to take for the coming semester. With the little credit hours per week, I think I might continue my job actively. I hope that everything will go on fine and I will be able to balance my time, studies and social life simultaneously. 

Next semester, I will be sleeping alone without a roommate. I used to wish for this when I met one bad roommate in one of the semesters. Seeing that my wish will turn true soon, I begin to feel a little lonely - How I wish that my ex roommate, Cai Ping will return and be my roommate once again. I miss Darvina too. She is at practicum. These 2 are my goody roommates at UPSI. I really miss the time being their roommate - where we had lots of fun and private chit-chat moment at night. It felt great. Thinking of that made me recalled my IPDA roommate, Siew Ing. These people were great. They left many good memories to me in my university life. I will miss them very much. 

Sometimes, life is so strange. When you don't tend to work that hard, you will be able to harvest a lot more than you have anticipated earlier. This happened to me in the previous semester. I couldn't thank God enough for what He had granted to me. Despite having a terrible moment, I managed to do quite well in my academic. I thought I would do terribly due to minimum effort I am putting in my studies. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the best result I've ever obtained. How strange luck can play a significant role in one's life sometimes.. I considered myself lucky. That is all I can say. 

Time and whatever that I have experienced formed me into somebody novel. I've abandoned some bad habits and picked up some not-that-good ones. I am quite confused sometimes - I don't know if these changes are for good or bad. I definitely feel happier and more carefree than before but somehow - I'm not sure if this is really right if it is to be made as a lifetime personality trait. 

Last Sunday, I went to church with Mom. I gave a bigger amount of offering than I usually do - Surprisingly, God granted me more sales on that day itself. Sometimes, you just have to believe that God worked wonderfully in your life when you are not stingy to share your goods with Him and His home. This is not the first time I encounter such incident - It happened before a few times and that is why I'm so certain when I say this. It felt just - like - magic. How God can give you more when you are willing to give more for Him - 

I guess that's all. I'm going to bed. Good night. 


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