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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

冰皮月饼 Bing Pi Yue Bing

Recently, my mom and I made ice-version moon cakes (冰皮月饼). The original recipe is taken from one of the Mommy Cooking Facebook group members named Regina Lee. I've altered the recipe because I personally do not like desserts to be too sweet.

Bing Pi Yue Bing
Servings: 7

The images are taken at a kinda dark kitchen - 
I didn't switch on the lights. 
So, it's kinda dull coloured but the colours are actually pastel colours if you see with naked eyes.

糕粉 Gao Fen 130 gm
澄面粉 Wheat Starch Flour 35 gm
低筋面粉 Low Gluten Flour 35 gm
糖分Icing Sugar 100 gm
白油 Shortening 50 gm
冰水 Cold Water 130 ml

  1. Mix Wheat Starch Flour and Low Gluten Flour together using whisk/fork. Steam the mixture of flour with medium fire for 5 minutes. Sieve the flour mixture after it has cooled down.
  2. Mix all the ingredients into dough.
  3. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.
  4. Weigh the dough and filing. For standard 165 gm mold, the dough used will be 75 gm and filing will be 100 gm.
  5. Shape your moon cake. Remember to sprinkle some Gao Fen in the mold before you shape it – to avoid the moon cake from sticking in the mold. 
  6. Refrigerate the moon cake and ready to be served in 3 hours time. 

I bought from the shop – Black sesame flavor – 1 packet (1 kg) (RM 21) can make 14 moon cakes. 

Red - from colouring. Just a few drops will do.
Blue - from the blue flower. Dip the flower into hot water.
Chocolate - from cocoa powder. 

Practice makes perfect. This is fairly easy to make compared to the baking-required moon cake. Remember to dust enough Gao Fen in the mold before you shape it. Or else, you will have a hard time looking at funny looking squeezed-out moon cakes. I actually roll the dough with filing inside on Gao Fen before placing it into the mold to be shaped. 

You can buy them from any cake supply shop. For mine, Mom bought from King Hin.
89,91& 93 Jalan Temenggong, 75000 Melaka. (Bunga Raya area)


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