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Thursday, December 12, 2013

8 Inches Non-bake Oreo Cheesecake

Excited to make a non-bake Oreo cheesecake. It gained a huge welcome by all my housemates. Honestly, it tasted awesome. I prefer it much more than the Secret Recipe Oreo cheesecake. Reason is simply because I am not a person with sweet-tooth. I feel that SR's Oreo cheesecake is horrendously sweet. I prefer something moderate. This recipe that I made by referring to some online recipe suites my taste bud perfectly. Also, it is perfect for students to make - as we don't have proper utensils and an oven, this cake is wonderful. I hope it does for you too! Give it a try!

8 Inches Non-bake Oreo Cheesecake 

Difficulty level: 20% 
Preparation time: 
  • with an electric mixer: 2 hours or less 
  • without an electric mixer: 3 hours 

2 bars of Oreo biscuits 
1/3 bar of Buttercup (room temperature) 

Cream Filing:
Room temperature of 3 bars of cream cheese (each 200+ g; means a total of 600+ g) 
1/2 lemon (juice extracted) 
Approximately 60 ml of condensed milk 

Middle Filing: 
1 cup of Coco Krunch 
1/2 bar of mini Oreo biscuits 

1/2 bar of mini Oreo biscuits (about 6 - 7)
Cocoa powder (Dust them on the surface of the cake with a sieve) 

If possible, get a removable round baking tray (see picture below); if not, use an 8 inches round baking tray
Hand whisk / electric mixer / stand mixer 

  1. CRUST: Crush the Oreo biscuits as fine as possible with a food processor or a rolling pin with biscuits wrapped in a plastic bag. Melt the butter by double boiler method. Mix the crushed biscuit and melted butter together. Press them hard on the bottom of the baking tray. Let it rest in the refrigerator freezer for about 1 hour meanwhile you are handling the cream cheese filing. 
  2. CREAM CHEESE FILING: Whisk cream cheese and milk with an electric mixer or hand whisk until the mixture becomes smooth and soft. Add in lemon juice and continue whisking it. The consistency of the mixture should be thick but smooth.
  3. ASSEMBLE: When it is done, pour half of the mixture of the cream cheese into the baking tray. Then, crush the Oreo biscuits and Coco Krunch (do not really need to crush) on top of the first layer cream cheese. Pour in the second layer of cream cheese mixture into the baking tray, covering up the Oreo biscuit and Coco Krunch. Smooth your cake surface with a flat surface bread spreader or cake spreader (if you have this in your kitchen). Refrigerate your cake in the freezer to be chilled for about 3 - 4 hours. 
  4. GET IT OUT FROM THE REFRIGERATOR: Take out the cake from the freezer after you have refrigerated it for about 3 - 4 hours. Use a piece of plastic wrap to wrap the cake and continue putting it in the freezer. 
  5. GET THE CAKE OUT: After chilling it for about 5 - 6 hours (when the cake is completely harden), use a knife to carefully cut the circumference of the cake. Push the bottom and the sides of the baking tray to loosen the biscuit layer. It should come out easily. The cake will be in a harden state at this moment - just like ice. 
  6. DECORATE: Place the cake in a room temperature environment so that the cream cheese turns slightly soft (it takes only a while for the cream cheese to turn soft). Start placing your decoration as you desire. If you have a lot of decorations on top and the cream cheese is too soft, chill it in the freezer until it is slightly harden. Then, remember to put on the plastic wrap after you have decorated it. You may shift the cake down (no longer in the freezer) to be chilled and stored. 
  7. SERVE: Remember to apply the plastic wrap every time you put it in the refrigerator if you cannot finish to avoid the cake from losing its moisture. 
  • The addition of Coco Krunch is an amazing idea to me. It tastes great as when you eat the cream cheese, it is not only biscuit. The bite on the Coco Krunch is extraordinary and it feels like jello. You can skip this if you want to. 
  • Try not to reduce the amount of buttercup used for biscuit crust base if you are not using an auto-removable baking tray. You will have a horrible time taking the cake out if you attempt to do so. Unless, you use a plastic wrap to go underneath the crust. Otherwise, it's better to ensure that the crust has sufficient butter oil. 
Below are some images for guidance and illustration

I gotten this image from Google as I didn't snap my actual one. 
So, this is what I meant by lining the plastic wrap/aluminium foil before placing biscuit and cream cheese. The purpose is so that it'd be easy for you take the cheese cake out later. If you are already using a removable baking tray, then you don't have to do this. You could take the risk like  I did as well if you want to - if you attempt not to do this lining.

This looks like a cheesecake - I took this from Google 
I wanted to show you guys what a removable baking tray is - 
This is probably not the actual name for this kitchenware but that's just what I call it 
Notice the side of the tray has some sort of socket and lock
Once you loosen it and the side can be expanded - 
The bottom lid can be moved up and the cake can be taken out perfectly 
This is the right kitchenware to be used supposedly when you are making cheese cake

However - if you do not have this and you are making cheese cake like once in a blue moon - - - 
Consider the 2 methods shown below: 

This is what a non-removable baking tray looks like 
Very common looking tray that I think many have seen before 
I did not put the lining and therefore, I got worried later, wondering if the cake can be taken out 
A  mistake that I have done previously was to decorate it before removing the cake out from the mould
Avoid making mistake like this if you want to have a perfect looking cake 
Just follow the steps that I have listed above 
They are the correct procedure

This is how doubling boiling method is to melt your butter 
Remember not to directly heat your butter 

Put your Oreo cookies in a plastic wrap like this and use a rolling pin to hit them hard 
Until they are crushed and look sand-like 
After applying the butter mixture, it should look like wet sand.

I used this brand of cream cheese 
As you can see, it is 250 + 20 gm 
Basically, I used 3 bars of this cream cheese 

After you have crushed the biscuits and mixed with butter mixture, 
this is how firm you need to press your base crust --- > basically, this is how it is gonna look like

Here's the Koko Crunch ready to be made as the middle filing of my cake 
As you can notice there is a middle brown line at the side of my cake - it's actually smashed Oreo cookies and semi-crushed Koko Crunch 
Later, I noticed that it would be perfect not to smash the Koko Crunch at all but please do so for the Oreo biscuits 
You seriously do not want big chunks of Oreo biscuits when you are eating the smooth cheese cake 

Staying at a rented house, we do not really have fully equipped baking tools 
So, here we are using the big shallow container to be our mixing bowl 
We used the traditional hand whisk method to do this 
It takes really a lucrative amount of effort and energy to get the work done 
You are supposed to whisk the cream cheese and milk until it is smooth and 80% liquid-fy look 
I hope that the picture illustrates the smoothness of the cream cheese good enough for you to refer
It looks really like cream 
When you take the cream cheese out from the plastic, they have rough surfaces 
You need to whisk till they are smooth just like cream - try to imagine a heavier version of whipping cream texture - that's how it should look like 

Counting from bottom to the top layer 
Crust: Oreo biscuit + butter mixture 
Cream cheese (1/2 of the mixture)
Smashed oreo biscuit + Koko Crunch 
Cream cheese (the other half of the mixture)
Feel free to skip the smashed oreo biscuit and Koko Crunch if you do not want to have those 
It's just something extra that makes your cake taller and prettier 


  1. lydia! that looks mouth wateringly awesome! ...kk must try at home with the sister. i love the word
    and your clear instructions!.

    1. It does taste awesome. I think it is better than SR - not over-sweet. Happy trying at home! =)

  2. omg! this cake! it's looks awesome lydia!
    thanks to your pics and illutration i wanna try it too!!
    liza bring back a slice! :P

    1. = ) Do remember to try it out when you have the time. It's pretty simple and once you learn this, you'll never want to spend RM 80+ on cheesecake anymore.