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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Clubs App


App’s Name: Clubs App
Type: Android mobile app
Allow people to share short videos up to 30 seconds.
Allow people to start their own club and be an owner OR join a club as a member.
Free for normal use
Minimal membership fee is required for special features.

Club App is a mobile app that unites people who share the same passion by offering them a unique discovery experience for mobile, utilizing 30 second videos shared by club members. The platform enables club owners to upload, share and monetize their entertaining content. Unlike Youtube, only the owner of the channel can upload videos whereas viewers can only choose to watch or not to watch. The whole concept is different in the sense that Club App allows more interaction and makes viewers and owner of the club feel more connected to one another. It gives more opportunity for interpersonal interaction to take place. This app lets club members enjoy very targeted and entertaining content and feel a sense of belonging just like actual member-clubs!

Secondly, they have video length limit which is good in a way that it is not too lengthy and boring. Some videos on Youtube are undoubtedly too tedious and unnecessarily long-winded. Viewers usually want to watch the gist of the video and not the meaningless introduction. For instance, I used to watch this video which teaches how to curl wavy hair using a straightener iron. The owner wastes 2 minutes at the beginning of the video talking about how she gets the straightener from a store. It is unnecessary and the worst thing is, being the first-time viewer, you will not know how long is this “unnecessary information” will end before you can start to watch what you really want to watch. So, this is really a trouble to me and to many viewers I believe, based on my observation of people’s comments all these while. Club App is good in a way that it lets the user know that the video is short and he/she should record only the important information.

Basically, this app has what Youtube has to offer such as comment column and subscribers (in this case, club members). In fact, I think it is better because of various advantages discussed above. Not only that, it is specialized as a mobile app which I think is good because many people nowadays tend to burn boring moment watching random videos on Facebook which are shared by their friends. A short video during a boring moment is definitely a good way to fill up the vacant time. 

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