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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Homemade Udon

Yesterday, I decided to make my own Udon noodle. I have always loved eating Udon because of its starchy wheat taste. Ha - All the carbohydrate - yeah. 

I viewed some videos on Youtube regarding how to make homemade Udon. It's fairly simple and seriously, easier than what I thought. I have tried kneading dough before and I hate it. It requires a lot of strength and I simply do not have enough. Kneading dough is supposed to be the man's job. = / 

Homemade Udon 

** This recipe is for 2 servings. 

200g wheat flour (ordinary flour) 
9g (1 teaspoon approximately) salt 
90ml water 

Bowl/big container 
Clean plastic bag 
Rolling pin

  1. Sift flour and place it in the bowl. 
  2. Put in salt. 
  3. Pour in the water. It's important to use this much of water. No more and no less. 
  4. Knead well into a dough. 
  5. Place the dough into the plastic bag and stomp your feet on top. Seriously, this is the very traditional method used by the Japanese family. Try it. It's not that dirty after all if you have clean legs and plastic covered your dough. The reason why you should use your leg  instead of your hand is because your leg gives more strength and it makes the dough ready quicker. 
  6. Flatten the dough and roll it flat with your rolling pin until you get your desired thickness of dough.
  7. Fold the dough so that it's easier to cut uniformly. 
  8. Cut your dough. 
  9. Sprinkle some flour as you roll the dough to ensure that the surfaces do not stick to one another. 
Let's see the photos which I took step-by-step for tutorial purpose. 

Basically these are the ingredients that you need. 
It is just that easy and easily available in your kitchen.

Sieve flour, add in salt then mix well so that there is no salt clumps in your dough later. 
Pour in water and knead well in a dough. 
Place it in the plastic bag to be ready to be stomped on - 
I didn't capture this scene as not to frighten people.

If you can see how fine the flour has become after it has undergone stomping effect.
Haha - it's seriously good and fast.
That is how you should roll your dough with your rolling pin. 
Remember to sprinkle flour on your working table and dough as you roll it. 
Remember not to tear off the dough as you roll. 

Dust your knife with some flour which probably will be handy for you to cut the dough later.
Fold your dough into multiple layers like what I did. 
Some people preferred to roll the dough so that it becomes a rod shape.
You decide what you like the most. It doesn't really matter.
Cut the dough into stripes. 
The thickness is totally up to you. 
I like thick noodles. 
I cut mine about half an inch thick.

Hmm, here's to show you clearer how I fold the dough. 
Also, take note of how long I've rolled the dough into - 
It's longer than my rolling pin - sort of double its length uh huh? 

Lastly, remember to eat your noodle when it is fresh. 
Homemade noodle cannot be kept long. 
I kept another half of mine in the refrigerator. 
It became a little hard but not too bad, still edible and fresh; but not as good as the first day's. 
So, have fun! 

Taste wise, it tastes like mian fen gao - Haha - 
but the process is what made it fun and worth doing. 


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