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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Special Sandwich

It's great to be at home. With all the ready utensils and ingredients, I can cook/bake whatever I want as long as I have the time and passion. Yesterday night, I was browsing many videos on how to make Udon.  I was very motivated to make but too bad, I woke up late the next morning. There was leftover Old Town bread in the cabinet. Without many choices to select, I have to finish off the bread. So, here you go today - special sandwich. This is not something special as you have probably seen this posted on Facebook or elsewhere. I have made this in my 6A Tanjung Malim house with my housemates. This time, I will be blogging about it. It's just so simple and appetizing compared to the ordinary old-fashioned sandwich. Do this and amaze the people around you! =)

I do not know if this food has a name. I named it Special Sandwich.

Special Sandwich 
I do not know how to cite this as I don't remember where I've seen it. 
I modified it and made my own. 

1 slice of any brand bread 
1 egg 
1 slice of sandwich cheese 
Adequate cooked meat/1 slice of ham 
Chili sauce 
Butter *optional 

Slightly greased non-stick cooking pan 

  1. Heat up the greased pan. 
  2. Cut a square in the middle of your bread/any shape you want. 
  3. Place the bread to be slightly toasted on the pan. Remember, keep the fire small. 
  4. Carefully put in your egg in the middle of the cavity of the bread. 
  5. Cook well, place some meat on top of the eggs, pur some Chili sauce, followed by the cheese and lastly the square bread which is cut off earlier. Press hard so that it'd be easier to flip over later. 
  6. Turn over the bread and continue cooking it. You may stop earlier if you want the egg to be half-cooked. I love fully-cooked egg. 
  7. Switch on high fire for 5 seconds for every surface of the bread to get a crispy bread. 
  8. Serve. 

Below are some illustrations of the process. I tried to capture every step that I make to ensure that you'll be on the right track of making this. Remember - place your egg first. Never place your cheese slice in the cavity first. It'll melt. You need something to sandwich your cheese. Otherwise, it'll stick and cause a mess. Happy altering the recipe. 

Note: It doesn't really look that black in real for picture 8. 
It is because of the photography lighting. 
It doesn't have any chau-da taste at all - apparently, it's because the bread is already in brown. 
Everything looks dark in coloured. 


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