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Sunday, February 02, 2014


Today is the third day of CNY and I feel that time is seriously running out. I still have some leftover work incomplete. Also, I haven't pack my stuff. I'm leaving Malacca tomorrow night. Argh -

  • Bought a pair of Nike shoes - I'm so haaaappppiiiiie! 
  • Baked different types of stuff which I have listed initially. I managed to get most of them done. 
  • Spent almost half a day just to straighten my wired hair = = " Grrr.. 
  • Drafted what I will be teaching in the first week of my practicum - okay I think it is pretty cool, I hope that the kids will like what I have prepared for them 
  • Did facial for the second time and ended up having dented/injured face =( It looks better before I have it done = / 
  • Got myself a new dress for CNY though I initially don't intend to shop for any. 
  • Suspended my gigs and give myself a break from work - preparing myself for a total new experience soon. 
  • Met my bffs.
  • Bought new blouse, spectacles and brooches for a new start in everything - lalalalala 
I just woke up from a dizzy nap - makeup free look
I kind of love the specs. 
Hate the old ones. 
RM 150 only. Cheap. 

The preparation for CNY - 
In the end, I got 3 huge zits on my face. = = "

I love this camera app - PhotoGrid 
It is just awesome! 

All the goodies that I baked throughout this 1 month holiday time. 

Food that I mostly cooked in Tanjong Malim.
I'll bid farewell to cooking and baking for some time. 
Too-doohs - thanks for reading. 


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