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Friday, February 07, 2014



Recently, I came across this site called Listicle. As the name itself suggests, this site has lots of articles. I’m new to this site and still in the process of exploring and learning. It is basically quite easy to navigate for anybody who understands English. The first thing that you need to do is to sign up an account and follow some simple procedure. The whole registration process takes less than 1 minute as it doesn’t require you to verify the account from the registered email. Also, it is unlike those tedious forums which require you to re-log in again after you have signed up an account. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free.
Being a newbie, I will talk about my experience based on my interest of field. I scroll down the list and was attracted to this Hair and Fashion trend topic. It amazed me at the first sight when I clicked into it. This site contains a good number of articles in the form of various interesting presentation methods. Like this one which I’ve picked for my first choice - It’s a short flip-kind of presentation which is not boring and lengthy. It’s about a few pages and every page is brief and has photos. Reading with the assistance of illustrations is a good motivation.

I browsed a few more which interest me. Overall, I think they are pretty good in the sense that they are back-up with images and well presented. It is something fresh and new to me because I have yet to come across other sites like this. This is something like slideshare but not exactly. It has various topics which you can choose which you like to read the most. It is usually short and easy to understand.

The site itself is easy to navigate as I have mentioned earlier. It has familiar buttons like Facebook. You just won’t feel uncomfortable with it if you are familiar with Facebook. To search for something specific, you can type the keyword such as “the hottest male model” in the search column and you will see a list of articles which have been narrowed down to your choice.

Next, I tried to click here and there and discovered this. Other than being a viewer, you can actually create a list of your own. It’s a pop-out after you type something in the ‘enter a new list title…’ and press Enter. The pop-out is a simple to fill-up form. What interests me is the various methods of presentation listed there. They have plain, numbered, countdown, rankable *new, list, flipbook, slideshow and grid. I am excited because I didn’t manage to view various presentation types yet.

All in all, I think this is a good site for people who like to read articles. Many people today love to read stuff shared by friends on Facebook to burn some excess time or to know something interesting. I think this site is well recommended for it has interesting presentation methods for articles and it covers quite a big range of topics to cater for different people’s needs. However, I am still on my way of evaluating the authenticity of these articles as it seems that anybody can post on it.


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