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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miss Nigeria to appear on new TV Mini-Series Hot Talk Show that is now in pre-production


As Seen On CNN's iReport 

Miss Nigeria to appear on new TV Mini-Series Hot Talk Show that is now in pre-production

According to Wikipedia and IMDB Nigerian model (in a number of fashion shows) and actress (10+ films in the US and Nigeria) shared some personal details about her busy life living and working in the film and modelling world.

“I always wanted to travel to the United States from Nigeria and be a big actress and model in Hollywood, California. Growing up in Nigeria watching International shows on TV permitted me to see Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell on television and in turn seeing them sparked my curiosity and made me wonder what it would be like to be there not only in Hollywood, CA but also there actually on television.

When the opportunity to study in the USA presented itself I was super excited because all my dreams were beginning to come true. Fast forward 10 years ….. Now here I am fulfilling my dreams.

One of my biggest challenges was convincing everyone around me that acting and modeling is what I wanted to pursue as a real career. I wanted them to see why it was so important to me, now they know and see where I was and where I am and this makes me happy.

Fact is, this is a very competitive business, the same way you go in fast, you might get kicked out even faster. But I believe it is important to stay true to your work ethic (bull-dog tenacity) and personal integrity mixed with allot of persistence will get doors open.

This is one of the main reasons I will appear on the new TV Mini-Series 'Hot Talk Show' that is now in pre-production. It was not luck but sheer determination!

Growing up I did not see many women that were big stars on television but I really wanted to become more than what others thought I could be -- in other words 'I Am More Than My Score'.

Since I am a hardworking and reliable those two characteristics have been one major key ingredient to getting call backs and jobs.” said, Jubilee Gamaniel, Wikipedia and IMDB reviewed Nigerian born and currently a Hollywood based model and actress.

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