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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I am an Art person

I grew up in a surrounding whereby emphasis is always given to Maths and Science rather than language and art. I study language for my degree and I know that my fate with Maths and Science has came to an end. The facts and numbers which used to be on my fingertips slowly faded as time passed. On the other hand, my passion and curiosity towards art grow tremendously. 

Though I came from a pure science class background and scored quite excellently in SPM for the Maths and Science subjects, I believed those were contributions of hard work. My real talent and interest source come from the arts. I have the interest and passion but I know I'm still not too good in certain aspects. And this is why, I need to work hard along the journey of learning. 

I love playing the piano. It makes me feel like a graceful person. Haha - Everybody has a reason for doing something and I'm no different from you. I am glad to be able to join the band in my university. Although I am not as proficient as the rest of them, I still learnt something along the way. They were precious lessons. I learnt about chords which I did not have much knowledge about them previously. Then, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to compose a melody of my own. With the recent bought piano at home, I actually composed a few songs of my own. They are not really professional pieces but then I think they are great enough for I made them out based on listening. I have no knowledge on music composition theory. In fact, I have composed a few songs. Also, I experienced co-working with 2 talented friends by writing the lyrics and them creating the melody. It's really a cool experience. On my own now, I'm still working towards improving my piano playing skill. Not to forget, I managed to perform the song A Thousand Years with my student who is the guitarist on Teacher's Day. It is an achievement as well as a dream for me. 

Next, I love drawing. However, I have accepted the ugly truth that my hand cannot draw a beautiful picture on its own using the pencil. I am glad that I have the eyes of a designer though. Despite the fact that I cannot draw, I am good with colours selection. Therefore, I indulged into digital drawing for commercials and I excel in this field. With years of experience using Photoshop, I do think I am a proficient user. I can create wonderful graphics using Photoshop. Maybe one day, I will try to learn how to draw using my hand with the pencil. 

Cooking is my passion and favourite of all hobbies. It all started with cooking and I am currently in a delirious mood with baking. I am totally obsessed with it and can't wait to try all different kinds of baking goodies. I do think I have some talent in this field. I faced several failures in the past which ended up killing my interest in baking. It took away my guts to even touch the oven. However, things changed one surprising day when I decided to challenge myself to bake the chiffon cupcakes. They turned out great and from there, I started to bake confidently. I became better and better. I used to bake cakes that tasted super-duper sweet like hell and cracked like moon's surface. Creaming and frosting a cake are tough jobs for me. However, I'm so happy to say that I have successfully baked a frosted birthday cake which is presentable for my brother. I also made difficult croissants. What made me proud the most is that I learn all these without a tutor. Just like learning Photoshop, I have it all done by myself - by being extra hardworking to learn from the Internet. 

I guess the next thing in life which I'd like to try to learn is sewing. I have always hated sewing. I feel that it is the hardest art of all. I have no patience and I dislike the pain caused by the needle accidentally pricking into my finger. It happens so frequently whenever I try to mend my clothes. Argh - Also, I never sew anything by myself before - as in a full project like sewing a skirt or sewing a shirt. I studied ERT sewing when I was in secondary but none of the projects were done by myself. I gave them to a tailor and used money to get an A for my project. Recently, I'm quite excited to see some tutorials on how to sew a jacket. Therefore, I am kind of motivated to learn how to sew one by myself. This inspiration came from the depression caused by failure to discover the suitable blazer elsewhere. It will be difficult because I don't have a sewing machine at home. However, if I'm patient enough, I think this dream will come true. So, this could be one of my semester break projects later on. 


  1. love seeing your baking posts...mouth waters every time. lol..true talent

    1. Thanks! =) I enjoyed reading your blog either. Interesting and unique content most of the times. Made me laugh.