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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

D's Golden Delights


As Seen on CNN iReport 

Today’s special story for this CNN iReport is D’s Golden Delights - D’s Golden Delights is a quality Golden Retriever dog breeder

“Yes, for those that who really passionate dog lovers a Golden Retriever is one of the most affectionate and easy to care for dogs.

Keeping your Golden Retriever clean and healthy is an essential responsibility and knowledge that every puppy owner should have.

Golden Retrievers are a medium-sized breed of dog, historically developed as ‘gun-dogs’ to obtain waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties.

If you are curious why they are called Golden Retrievers – They are named so because of their ability to retrieve game undamaged. They naturally have an instinctive love of water.

If you have a Golden Retriever and are thinking of breeding her or him, you should consider contacting Dianna Brooks the owner of D’s Golden Delights –

D’s Golden Delights owner Dianna Brooks is a passionate State certified Golden Retriever breeder.

One thing D’s Golden Delights is known for is producing healthy, friendly and trainable family additions via Golden Retrievers.

A Little History of D’s Golden Delights:
For the past sixteen years, Dianna has been breeding and raising only Golden Retrievers with the aim of producing a healthy, friendly and trainable family tradition.

The puppies are whelped and raised in her home for the first three weeks where they are well socialized by her family and herself.

Then, are moved outside into a comfortable and very clean climate controlled area where these Golden Retriever puppies can play, explore freely, grow and become accustomed to outside ‘potty’ training.

This is a good form of practice for them.

D’s Golden Delights customers are happy with the training Mrs. Brooks gives on a daily basis since a good trained puppy will not exhibit bad habits when they are brought into your home.

D’s Golden Delights Puppies are:

Registered with the American Kennel Club and all D’s Golden Delights puppies

1) Have been examined by their Veterinarian and been found in good health

2) Come with a health record showing up-to-date shots and de-worming

3) And come with a Health Guarantee

D’s Golden Delights reside their Golden Retrievers on an eight acre blend of meadow, woods and stream in Maryland.

Dianna via D’s Golden Delights has provided pets for families in Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and West Virginia.

No matter where you stay, D’s Golden Delights is ready to provide you with their best training and customer service.

You will unquestionably find your money invested in a Golden Retriever puppy from D’s Golden Delights worthwhile.” said, D’s Golden Delights administration.


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