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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Match 2 - Crazy 2048 Game


Puzzle games are addictive because of its “continuous” nature. In my case, I really love to play puzzle games compared to games which end just right there and then. I like games which requires player to go from one level to the next level. It simply gives the feeling of motivation to break each level to go to a higher level. In this way, it sustains my interest in the game and gets really addicted about it.

The typical puzzle games which I believe many have played before are ZUMA, Candy Crush and Unblock Me. These are the prominent mobile apps which work on puzzle basis. I used to be a real lunatic fan of ZUMA and Candy Crush until I told myself to give it a pause due to over busy schedule.

After stopping for some time, I get bored with the games. I decided to look out for a new puzzle game which is as exciting as those I used to play in the past. Then, I found Match 2 Crazy 2048 Game. In short, you call it Match 2.

More information about Match Two
  • A new addictive puzzle game.
  • Released on 20 May 2014 on Google Play.
  • Owned by Arkavis Siam Co.
  • Like many other current apps, this allows you to record your high score and challenge your Facebook friends.
  • Consists of various animal set such as cats, dogs, monkeys, elephants or the infamous squids.
  • Gains 4.9 out of 5 rating from 175 players on Google Play.

How To Play:
Swipe identical animal-tiles to join them, they will merge to become a new one. Your goal is to merge the last animal in a tile-set. Once you hit the last animal in a set, a new animal set is unlocked for higher difficulty and more variety.

I have just downloaded this mobile app on my Sony Xperia ZL. This is an Android app. The graphics and colours are appealing. This game is especially suitable for people who love animals. It’s a casual game which you can play at any time and anywhere with your device. It helps to occupy your time while waiting for something/someone to arrive.

Not only that, parents can actually use this app to educate their young children about various animals. Or, they can even introduce the idea of cloning to them using this app. Though it doesn’t really apply the cloning concept exactly here, somehow it gives the similar product – combine cat, make new cat. New cats have moustache – this can be used to educate the idea of genetic engineering too. This is not only fun but also a useful and interesting teaching aid for parents. I will definitely recommend this for friends who have young children about to enter kindergarten.

What are you still waiting? Get the Match Two app today and start playing! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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