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Friday, June 06, 2014

Mango Assorted Fruit Cake

Many friends are interested in this mango recipe after seeing the mouth-watering picture which I posted on Facebook. Well, it doesn't just look good but also tastes fabulous! If you have fresh mangoes at home, you gotta try baking this cake. It is a wonderful birthday or any celebration cake which can surprise many people. Not only that, you can have lots of fresh fruits on top. They are really delicious and keep the cake moist and soft. I'm not boasting or overrating but this cake really doesn't make you feel fat when you're eating. With the cream combining with the fruits and soft cake layer, it's just paradise.

Another good reason why you should learn baking by yourself - I notice that I no longer eat cakes from outside. I'm not sure if it's just me or what - I have tasted many cakes from outside which make me feel eruggh because -

: butter cream frosting - I dislike this. It is oily and super fattening by the feel of your lips after finishing the cake. It's just gross to me. Okay, apologize to all butter cream lovers.
Alternative: When you bake yourself, you can pick any frosting you like. You can leave it out as well if you are not fancy of it. I personally like topping cream because I feel that it is so - light and soft that you can hardly feel that it is fattening at all. = /

: rock hard cake layers - I could feel this when I'm biting the cake. The cake loses all its moisture and I believe this is because the cake has been left for too long in the bakery unsold. I really don't like to eat hard and dry cakes. This is also why I never like sponge cakes. Chiffon is always my one and only choice in baking.
Alternative: When you bake yourself, you could ensure all the ingredients used are fresh. Also, you know when you bake. You will not have to keep the cake for too long in the fridge and add unnecessary stuff like preservatives. Everything is fresh and soft.

Okay - enough of all that. Let's move on to the recipe.

Mango Assorted Fruit Cake 
Actually, I'm not sure if this cake really has a name in English or what - 
I sort of name it myself by looking at its appearance. 

Cake base recipe credit goes to Hs Hs Vi 

Chiffon cake base 
4 egg yolks
20g sugar
40g cooking Canola oil
60g full cream milk
90g low protein flour (cake flour)

4 egg whites
50g sugar
1 teaspoon approximately Lemon juice (or substitute with cream of tartar)

Diced mangoes
Topping cream
*Amount is undefined as I didn't measure/count 

Sliced mangoes
Topping cream
Almond nibs
Fruits (lychees and strawberries)
Ferrero Rocher chocolate
*Amount is undefined as I didn't measure/count 

7 inches baking container (I used 7.5/8 inches; that's why I afford to slice only 2 layers)
Cooling rack 
Weighing scale
Electric mixer 
Cake board 
Rotating table (which I don't have and used the microwave thingy) 
Mixing bowls 
A4 paper (for lining) 

  1. Preparing the egg yolk mixture. By using double boiling method, mix ingredients (A) with low fire until everything blends well together. 
  2. Preparing the egg whites mixture. Whisk egg whites until huge bubbles are formed. Add in some lemon juice.
  3. Continue whisking while adding 1/3 of sugar at a time until mixture reaches soft peak stage. 
  4. Combine the egg yolk and egg white mixtures carefully by folding method using your spatula.
  5. Knock the baking container with batter inside a few times on the table to get rid of air bubbles and ensure a smoother cake surface. 
  6. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius in a preheated oven for 50 minutes. 
  7. Overturn the cake onto a cooling rack after baked. 
  8. Remove from the mold after the cake has completely cooled down. 
  9. Slice the cake into 2 or 3 layers as desired. 
  10. Preparing the filing. Dice the mangoes. 
  11. Whisk topping cream by double cooling it (well, like double boiling but not using heat but ice this time - not sure if there exists this term or not). 
  12. Assembling the cake. Place the first layer of cake on the cake board which is placed on the rotating table. 
  13. Spread topping cream on the layer of cake. 
  14. Place the diced mangoes on top of the cream. 
  15. Cover it with the next layer of the cake. # Repeat doing the frosting process if you have 3 layers of cake. 
  16. Decorating the cake. Frost the overall cake with the remaining topping cream. 
  17. Slice the mango with a sharp knife. 
  18. Carefully place the mango slices onto the cake by overlapping each other a little until it fully covers the cake. 
  19. Pipe some topping cream at the bottom circumference of the cake to cover the ugly sides popping out mango slices . 
  20. Sprinkle Almond nibs onto the piped cream at the bottom and some on the mangoes.
  21. Place your fruits as you wished onto the cake. 
  22. Refrigerate your cake for at least 2 hours before you serve it. 
Fairly simple. Nothing complicated and difficult if you are familiar with Chiffon baking and simple cake decorating. 

  • I use a knife instead of a peeler to slice the mango because the mango which I'm using is too ripe. The peeler cannot slice it as it smashes everything when I try to pull the flesh off. Also, it is better to use a knife as you can prevent your mangoes from oxidizing that quickly  if they are thicker. Thin mango slices look pretty but get ugly very quickly.
  • Some said the use of piping gel helps to prevent oxidization. I asked the bakery lady and she denied it. So, I didn't buy it at the end. I decided not to use it. I wanted to apply Konyanku jelly but I was too lazy after cleaning up all the mess. After leaving my cake uncovered for 3 days (yes, I should have bought a cake container but I seriously couldn't find one elsewhere which is cheap and good), the fruits are still looking good and cake still soft and moist. 
  • I'm not sure if you know this. Never ever apply cream to your cake while they are still hot. You're gonna bring big mess to everything you have worked hard thus far.
  • Please bake your Almond nibs and make sure they are cooked and crispy before you use them as decoration - unless you are using the ones which are already cooked beforehand. 
  • Clean your fruits properly before using them for decoration. I advise getting all fruits that you want to use assemble first then only start applying. Get everything organized and not cutting when you want to use them. You need to get everything done quickly as the cream needs a chill environment. 
  • Frosting needs practice. This is a good cake that cheat people. You don't show frosting skill that much because they are all camouflaged by the mango slices. 
  • Important: I'm not too sure if the egg yolks are actually prepared using double boiling method actually. They turn out a little sticky and thick which I have added in some milk myself before mixing them with the egg whites mixture. Perhaps, you should try mixing them with a whisk instead of double boiling it. I just believe that double boiling method makes cake softer and smoother. I notice I only have this thick issue when I'm using metal container to double boil it. I should have used normal porcelain bowls. No issue all these while.
  • After a few times of experimenting with cake baking, I notice that it is important to get your cake top layer extremely dry as in no moisture. Otherwise, they will stick onto your cooling rack and it's not good. 
Alright. Here's some photos taken in the process of preparing. 

The needed materials for the Chiffon cake. 
Note: I did add extra milk for the egg yolks mixture, seeing that mine is rather thick. 
I'm not sure how much I have added as I stop adding when I think the consistency is right. 

Preparing the egg yolk mixture.
As you can see, number (7) is thick.
I added some milk. 
The consistency of egg yolk should normally look like 
number (5) - smooth but still a little thick in consistency.  
It could be that I used metal container which makes the temperature too high.

I added more milk till it reaches consistency something like this.

If you don't have lemon, just simply use cream of tartar.
I used lemon because I have one opened and not finished using the other day.

Before baking, make sure you knock the container a few times on the table to get rid of all the air bubbles.
Also, it helps in making the top layer smoother. 
I have to use 2 containers because I thought they might rise high - 
Well, I can't afford to have dwarf cakes. 

They did grow a little taller. 
Not too tall though. 
That's the thing of not having a deep baking tray. Sigh.

Pretty and fully dry surface with no moisture. 
Doesn't stick on cooling rack. 
Gonna overturn them now while they are still hot. 
# They seriously don't taste that dry as they look to be above. 

I've been cracking my head to get myself a DIY rotating table.
I couldn't find an affordable one in the bakery supplier shop.
So, here it is - the cheap homemade rotating table which doesn't work very well for me. 

I put A4 papers so that it's easier to clean off all the remaining side cream after frosting.
The first layer is pretty and easy to apply. 

And this is my end product of frosted cake.
It looks - not very pretty.
I failed to cream it very smoothly. 
Luckily - I have the mango slices. 

Ta-dahhhhh - - - - - - -

The slice that I cut out isn't really looking like this - 
It is a little - 'senget' 
And I didn't notice it after I see it in the laptop - @@ 

It tastes awesome. 
Almond nibs add extra bonus to the cake! 


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