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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Coconut Buns

Recently, with the use of 5C secret to the soft sweet dough, I also baked Dad's favourite coconut buns. The way of making is similar to the sausage buns. I'm not gonna retype here.

The filing is not done by me. Basically, Mom just used fresh coconut flesh, Pandan leaves and Gula Melaka to get everything cooked and ready to be wrapped. So, yeah - here's just photo sharing - First time making coconut buns. Not my favourite but I tasted it, pretty good.

Coconut Buns 
Before putting them into the oven.
The weather is pretty chill that night. 
So you see the buns didn't really poof that huge. 
Also, I don't have a digital weighing scale. 
My buns look big-small and not uniform in size.

Well - they still turn out pretty well baked after all. 
Aren't they? 

Generous amount of coconut filing. 
Dad's favourite.


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