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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Part 2 of Sweet Dough Sausage Bun

Staying at home is great because I can enjoy speedy Internet and also convenient kitchen to do baking. At the same time, it is bad because I tend to eat too much fatty food with lack of exercise. I get - lazy - I don't know why.. whenever evening comes.

I took a rest yesterday. The English Lemon Gateu is wonderful. Sweet and sour with really soft and smooth cake. I will blog about that perhaps tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll be writing what I have baked today. On Dad's request - coconut bun. This will be blogged some other times. I'll be writing about the continuation of sausage bun. Part 2.

Basically, I will not be writing everything very detailed as I have blogged about this previously. This is just some photos-sharing post. To look out for the recipe post, go to HERE

Sweet Dough Sausage Bun 
# Part 2

Before baking them 
I left the buns to be poof-ed in the kitchen hottest area
Yeast grows the best in Sahara Desert environment

I would just like to boast my buns - 
they are so soft and tender as you bite them 
Yum yum yummy! 

I think my flower blossom buns look prettier today 
However, the conventional sausage bun is a little odd - not enough dough 
I used the dough to make coconut buns and sausage buns 
I added Almond flakes and chocolate chips on my buns 
It turns out that adding chococolate chips this way is dumb 
= = " they melted in an ugly way. 


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