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Monday, June 02, 2014

Special Cheese Cake

I'm bored. Here's another blog post update on how to make a non-bake special cheese cake. I called it special because I have not seen anybody making it using the way I did *or perhaps if there is, I seriously do not know it exists* So, I claim the rights for this.

Special Cheese Cake 

2 bars of ordinary Oreo biscuits 
1/4 of a butter block 

270g Tatura cream cheese 
2 tablespoons of sugar 
1 bar of Oreo Blueberry Ice Cream biscuits 
Adequate London Swiss Roll Coffee cakes

Adequate Smarties
Ferrero Rocher chocolate 
Adequate cocoa powder 

Non-usable pan + bowl
Paper stencil art + scissors
Plastic wrap + ordinary baking tray OR spring pan
Electric whisk
Plastic bag

  1. Getting the base done: By using double boiling method with the bowl on top of the non-usable pan filled with water, melt the butter. 
  2. Meanwhile, crush the ordinary flavoured biscuits in a clean plastic. 
  3. Remove the biscuits and mix well with the melted butter. 
  4. Place combined ingredients (A) into the ordinary baking tray lined with plastic wrap (if you are using the ordinary baking tray). Press the cookie base hard using the back of a spoon. 
  5. Place the baking tray into the freezer to be chilled. 
  6. Preparing the filing: By using the electric mixer, whisk the cream cheese until it turns smooth and creamy. 
  7. Slowly add in sugar as you continue whisking. Stop whisking when the cream turns really smooth. 
  8. Pour 2/3 of the cream cheese mixture on top of the hardened cookie base. 
  9. Place London Swiss Roll cakes on top of the first layer of white cream cheese. 
  10. Crush the Oreo Blueberry Ice Cream biscuits into big chunk pieces and mix together with the remaining 1/3 cream cheese. 
  11. Spread the mixed cream cheese mixture on top of the London Swiss Roll cakes layer. 
  12. Chilling the cake: Chill the whole cake in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours before you carry and remove the plastic wrap to be placed on a nicer plate. 
  13. Cutting the paper stencil: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut a patterned paper stencil from an A4 paper. The pattern can be random. 
  14. Decorating the cake: Remove the chilled cake from the refrigerator and decorate it with dusted cocoa powder using the paper stencil. You can also place Smarties and Ferrero Rocher chocolate as desired.  
  15. The cake is ready to be served. 

  • This type of cheese cake which does not require the use of whipping cream and gelatin. Therefore, it cannot withstand its original shape and texture for too long in room temperature condition. You need to eat them quickly after you take them out from the fridge. Otherwise, they are fine to stay in the fridge. 
  • The Smarties' colour will drop out and melt if you keep the cake covered up in the fridge. I usually do not cover the cake with anything. It will turn a little hard on its surface but it'll be just fine when you serve it in room temperature.
  • This recipe is great for those who do not have a weighing scale and oven at home. You can do this simply by rough estimation based on your liking. 
  • This cake is great with a mint sensation that makes people wow. Also, it has cake texture inside which makes everything soft and cake-taste. It is not only cream cheese. Can you imagine that? 
  • Just for you to understand the layers better: 
From bottom to top: 
Cookie base > Normal cream cheese > London Swiss Roll cakes > Blueberry Ice Cream mixed with cream cheese > Decorations 

Serve with a chill shandy. 
Cute little cheese cake. 
I hope that you'll like it! 


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