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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etravel Connect


Traveling is fun but sometimes the work needed to be done before you can enjoy is really a load burden. People who chose to travel on their own will have to look up for details in books, magazines and mostly from the Internet. Though it has already been very convenient to use the Internet to source for other people’s itineraries, it is still a work. We always compare to get the best price and quality. Therefore, this requires a lot of time and effort.

Going for a holiday is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It should not be so tiring like this. Let me introduce you a fantastic website which I come across lately – Etravel Connect. As the name itself suggests, you can probably guess what it is about. Yes, traveling agent who does all the work for you and you just need to sit back and enjoy.

Here’s a little background information that you might be interested to know about Etravel Connect:
  • It was launched officially in January 2014
  • Their co-founder, Cecelia came up with the name based on her experience of family tradition – they often go together on a vacation once a year to take a break from stresses of everyday life and reconnect family bonds. Later, she and her husband, William decided to create this website which serves the purpose as a one-stop portal that allows vacation seekers to compare itineraries, prices and departure dates of tour packages offered by various travel agencies in Singapore.
  • Etravel Connect’s aims include:
    • (For traveler): To make travel planning easier for travelers
    • (For travel agents): To provide marketing platform for travel agents

I personally think the Etravel Connect has all the services you need for a vacation plan. It is so simple and complete. Read more to know why.

The website looks sophisticated and professional looking. It gives a reliable feeling to viewers. It is made up of a navy blue theme which really depicts the concept of vacation. I will say that the design of the website itself already wins my confidence.

Besides, what comes more important after the outlook is the navigation. To my amused, everything is very easy to navigate. The top bar consists of all the buttons that will bring you to different pages. And on the left hand side has all the search-easy buttons. It is really simple to use. This makes it really user-friendly even for the elderly. Everything is organized in such a way that it looks really systematic.

However, the highlight of the website features are:
  • It currently has more than 2, 500 travel packages from 20 different travel agents
  • It has filtered away all the unnecessary and irritating ads that pop out suddenly on your screen (no ads at all, totally clean and contains content only)
  • Consistent layout (all packages have the same look and feel) to avoid confusion

Not only that, the website also features service that allows users to do side-by-side comparison of up to 3 tour packages. For example, you can pick the best three travel agents to compare distinctly to decide the best. It is easier than searching high and low from the Internet and compare a few different webpages via different tabs. It gets really annoying as it is not convenient at all. You might even risk accidentally delete the tab page that you wanted to compare.

Basically, users just need to sign up an account and you may start any time to explore and navigate the website to check out exciting travel deals. You may review available travel packages at home comfortably and just call the travel agents based on the itineraries that you like. This requires some time as you need to review one by one. However, it is still far easier if you compare to blind search from the Internet.

Otherwise, for those who are busy, there is another option for you too. This website design and its service are really thoughtful for their consumers. As we are all so busy nowadays, it is really awesome to have a website that offers service as such: fill up forms related to packages that you are interested in and agents will contact you instead of you contacting them. Wow – this really impresses me. You can even save your mobile phone money. This service is indeed splendid and thoughtful for many busy people nowadays

To add on, this website has guided tour packages, free & easy, hotels and activities sections. Everything is complete in this website. For example, after clicking the ‘activities’ button from the top bar, the page will load and show the top destinations that people visit. The countries are nicely organized into Asia, America, Australia, Europe and Middle East & Africa. Each country is accompanied with their famous sculpture picture. The way of how this website is being organized really deserves compliments.

Lastly, they even consider the issue of hotel and activities for you. Travelers can choose to book online directly. All you need to do is to press the buttons on the top bar. Then, all the information will be displayed. It is really very simple to use and I think even kids will not have problem using it.
You surely need to try to browse through this website yourself to experience what I have mentioned above. This is indeed a great one-stop website for all travelers. A lot of varieties to choose from and the service is top notch quality.


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