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Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Many businesses nowadays are catching up with the latest trend by setting up an official website, hoping to gain more sales of course. Some entrepreneurs are able to achieve their objective but some did not. Why is this so? One of the very possible reasons could be the failure of them to realize the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As a first start when you begin to step into the Internet industrial, you should know some basic things which are important in achieving your objective. They are SEO, conversion, traffic and website optimization analysis. These are the few jargons which ordinary people will not know. However, it is very important for you (entrepreneur) to know, if you want to succeed. Google them to know more.

The main purpose of this article is to introduce you a useful one for all services that you need – from a freelance web designer named Ken Laing. I’ll be providing a little biodata about him so that you know whether how qualified he is to be the right person to hire.

Ken Laing
  • Experienced freelance web designer with strong marketing skills
  • Owned 7 years of experience working small business owners in London UK, Europe and America
  • Focus on usability and conversion when designing websites
He is a dedicated and professional web designer who knows what his customer’s needs are and able to design websites which are effective and able to generate more business. It is very true that a poor designed and developed website does not gain as much conversion as compared to a professionally designed website. This is the reason why people are willing to spend huge amount of money to get their website well designed. The appearance of your website gives the first impression to your viewers. It reflects confidence and reliability.

Some entrepreneurs who do not make much research on Internet marketing will not know the tips and rules in this field. It is important to have a brand which is consistent and well published. This will help in increasing revenue. Therefore, with the help of Ken, you will be able to increase your revenue, customers and brand awareness like the other clients from Lon UK, Europe and America. He has received great reviews and compliments from his ex-clients.

Some people perceive a website as just a static brochure. This is totally a wrong lead and must be erased from your perception. To be successful, you should treat your invested website as a marketing tool to gain more sales.

Ken is currently offering a free website optimization analysis to 50 website business owners. Hooray – I hope you will be one of them. Basically, your viewers just need to mention your site when they contact Ken. Then, they will receive this service for free. This is such a good deal, isn’t it? Just in case if you are wondering the worthiness of it. This service is normally priced at £100 ($170). Now, it’s given for free. What are you still waiting?

Ken’s official website:


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