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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The end of my degree life

On the 31st of December 2014 when my final exam paper ended at 11 a.m., I'm officially putting an end to my degree. The next thing to await for is the SPP interview (which no one knows when it will be for us). Then, the degree convocation (which saddens me that it will take place in November). Many of my friends of the same batch as me have gotten their posted school and I am happy for them. On the other hand, I'm still wondering which place I will be sent to.. I feel kind of uneasy and worried.. There are many factors to take into consideration when I made that important decision a few months ago. I just hope for the best that God has planned for me.

In the blink of an eye, my degree studies finally ended. The journey of tears and joy definitely has shaped me to be a different person from who I used to be 5 and a half years ago. Some events are memorable and I will surely keep them in part of my memory. Of course, there are some people and some stuff which I just hope they never have to exist in my life but too bad, they did. So, I just need to bear with the reality that they already happened, accept, forgive and forget. To whom you think I have wronged you, unfortunately I think you are wrong. Your transformation is even scarier than mine and to be truthful for once, I think befriending with you teaches me a great lesson in life - always to beware and never trust people easily. Remember? You taught me this yourself when we were still.. good friends. No matter what, I hope you will let go your hatred on me - We are just passer-bys in each other's lives.

Entering IPDA has totally changed my life and career option. A teacher used once told me that teacher is not a wise choice for me and I should go for other careers. Maybe he is right and maybe he is not. After completing my studies to achieve the goal of being an English language teacher, I think I am capable of handling this job well. In terms of interest, maybe not that much but still bearable. IPDA is also the place where I met my soul mate. I hope that the future barrier which is coming soon will not stop us from continue loving each other. We have been through many ups and downs and we are still holding hands together.

The next thing to consider after graduating is the question - to continue your studies or not to. I am influenced by people around me. Also, by the society's band wagon view. I think I am most likely to continue my studies in the field of Literature in UPSI after I have gotten my posting and a secure job. That will happen only after one year of waiting period - meanwhile I get to enjoy a seriously long holiday at home. I guess I must really cherish this moment as I won't get to have such long holiday anymore after I start working.

Basically, the end of my degree has turned out to be different from my initial expectation. I used to be filled with grudges and hatred towards many people. However, I learnt to let go these negative feelings. I'm glad that I have changed the ending of my degree life to be a more delightful one.

Guess that concludes the story of my degree life. Looking forward to my long holiday. I have lots of projects to be done:

  • make patterned mat (simple crochet) *in the progress, finishing soon* 
  • make crochet mat (new skill to be learnt)
  • bake butter croissant (I must do this again!!) 
  • slim down (I'll try to get myself to exercise at least 4 times a week =( ) 
  • make Korean rice stick nian gao topoyaki 
  • make BakGua for CNY 
  • make meat floss 
  • compose a complete song 
  • improve my piano skill 
  • work hard and play hard 
  • have stronger faith in God 


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