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Monday, March 30, 2015



Using cards to pay for your goods is becoming more and more common nowadays. The risks which we used to think is not worth taking has currently transformed into a form of convenience for us. More and more people are using this type of payment method. Not to be surprise of, it is actually safer than bring out big sum of cash with you.

Paying using either credit card or debit card is not only convenient but also portrays the status of the owner. Usually, people have the impression that purchasing with card is of higher status and it resembles luxury.

The material used for making credit card and debit is not long lasting. Not only that, the design can be really common and dull. Have you ever thought of having specific design and a more durable material for your cards? Since you are using them so often, non-durable items are for sure to wear out very quickly.

Before that, are you curious what material is used to make your current card? The answer is plastic. Though plastic cannot be easily decomposed but it definitely can go out of shape easily if it’s thin. So to get a better quality card, offers making your debit or credit cards into metal cards.

Metals have shiny property and this element definitely makes your cards look more luxury and high class. This is a unique service which is not provided by any financial institution. It is a new service of its kind which you cannot find anywhere else except from Metal-CreditCard. They recently launched their site and you can visit it here:

Do not worry that this is a scam to cheat your money through your cards. Their site is SSL secured and all transactions are secured by PayPal.  As we all commonly know, PayPal always ensures buyer’s benefits are secured.

If you want to upgrade it without going through the service from Metal-CreditCard, you will be required to do various tedious procedures such as applications, credit checks, asset checks and or an invitation. These hassle processes can be skipped easily by just getting their service. They promise not to ask you to do any of the things mentioned above and still able to get your metal card as desired.

They have gained many customers’ positive feedback. Most of them complimented the cards produced by Metal-CreditCard are durable, stylish, implied status, does not require annual fees and on top of all, no applications needed.

Most people are so into fashion nowadays with their outfit. Using a stylish metal card is really stylish and most importantly, makes you look different from others when you take it out from your wallet or purse. Imagine all the ‘wow’ faces when they see you doing so. They will surely be impressed and curious where to get one for themselves.

Wait no more. Get one for yourself today from


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