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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Journey to the Galapagos


Love and care towards animals should not exist based on visiting to the zoo during school holidays. It should be cultivated in every young child that animals’ natural home is not the zoo. They have their own homes. The zoo is a man-made “home” to keep them there so that people could drop by and visit. There are pros and cons in doing this but from the animals’ point of view, it is definitely devastating. If given a choice, they will surely want to be in their real habitat.

Teaching young children such moral value can be done by reading stories to them. A book entitled Journey to the Galapagos written by Jacob Ackerman and Dorit Lichtenshtein is an interesting book which is written to revolve around the theme on realization of animals’ real habitats. There are many reasons why this book is well recommended.

Firstly, take a look at the book cover:

It has a simple but attractive book cover to attract young children’s interest. Not only that, the book has illustrations along with the storyline which will make it a better understanding for children. In fact, everybody, not just children, love to read with pictures.

In addition, this book is sold at a really low price which almost everyone can afford to own one. It costs only $0.99. It is currently a bargain kindle book. With such a low price in return with a great story plot with amazing illustrations in it, parents can get their children entertained and educated before they go to bed.
The plot is really children friendly as well as educative. It is written in rhyme style so that children will be aware of those sounds and learn the language better whether they are reading it by themselves or listening to an adult's narration. 

Basically, this book tells about a unique friendship between a young girl and a remarkable bird, just like how it is illustrated on the front cover. The setting is an exciting place called the Galapagos. The name itself sounds cool and will definitely attract children’s curiosity. 

A little more sneak peek about the story: 
In the most beautiful spot you’ll ever see, all things live together in tranquility. In beautiful lands untouched by man, Noa and Grandpa face an exciting adventure in which reality and imagination become intertwined. On their journey, new challenges bring forth their courage, resourcefulness, determination and most of all their faith. The awesome power of nature is revealed in its full glory through illustrations and photographs, opening door to an enchanted world amid these far-flung islands...

Are you attracted to the story line and want to know further? Then you have to go and grab a copy now. It is a great and highly recommended book for children with good moral value inserted. After all, the purpose of reading a story is usually to seize the moral value delivered by the author. 

Oh by the way, if you are wondering the publisher of the book - it belongs to the Contento Now Publishing House. 

I hope you will get this book today and enjoy reading it. 


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