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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dishcloth: apple shape

I completed the oven mitten yesterday and managed to get the dishcloth done today. It's quite fast and enjoyable to do when the instructions are so clear and the yarn is so thick. Haha - Everything is worked out quickly and successfully except the embroidery and sewing part. I am really bad at it =( It is a horrible experience of doing sewing and embroidery. Gladly though, after spending some time trial and error, I managed to get it completed.

So here I'm going to show you my beautiful apple dishcloth. Last time, I used to think it is so difficult. I wondered why I jumped to that conclusion so quickly. It is so easy to follow.

Started project on 15 April 2015
Ended project on 15 April 2015
I used:
Qing Ren cotton (100g each skein)
- apple flesh Col: (roughly 1/3 used)
- apple border Col: (roughly 1/5 used)
- leaf Col: (roughly
Minlon acrylic yarn (40g each skein)
- branch and seeds embroidery Col: brown (lost the colour code)

I referred the tutorial from :

It is an accurate instructions. Just follow it step by step and you will not go wrong.

Everything is simple from the beginning till the sewing part. =( I really need to brush up my needle sewing skill. It's terrible.

At first, I didn't put on the seeds embroidery because I didn't understand the diagram. I just could not decipher it. So I thought of giving up. 

I went and snap a couple of photos happily while feeling really contented after I have successfully join the leaf to the apple. It was so tough for me, though it is just a super easy attach-on stitch. =/

A while later, I decided to try and watch a video on how to do this Bullion stitch. I used to watch some videos on how to do embroidery before. Hence, I have some exposure of prior knowledge. Still, it is of not much help when it comes to real practical work. = (

Things got more difficult when I used 3 yarns together to do the embroidery. As I used 2 different yarns in this project, I need to ensure that the thickness is more a less similar. For the branch, I used 8 yarns together.

This project that I would like to give as a gift for a baking friend turned out to be completed quicker than I thought. Due to camera lighting problem, the picture above illustrates the best and most accurate colours of the actual work. 

Basically this time, I have learned a few new things: 
  • how to crochet treble 
  • how to do Bullion stitch/knot 
  • how to sew pieces together using tapestry needle 

I guess I just have to admit that my decision was right. After adding the seeds, the apple looks instantly 'alive' and much exciting than the earlier empty seeds apple. However ironically, we all obviously love seedless apple better than with seeds. Ha -

I hope that my friend will like it. She is Isis Lee by the way. I felt bad for such a long delay of the promise to give a return gift for her CNY cookies. It is not very advisable to post cookies as the ones that she posted to me really didn't come in a good condition when it arrived at my doorstep. 90% of the cookies went out of shape and turned into.. sand shape. So, I decided to make something useful for her. I thought of scarf at first but later changed my mind. I think I should give her something usable in the kitchen since she loves baking as I do / did (not sure if I still love it as much as I previously did).


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