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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oven Mitten

Crochet crochet crochet. Here I am again - with a new product made - oven mitten.

This is a super easy tutorial that I learn online. You can download the tutorial here; 

I tried to follow exactly at first but later I noticed I NEED to adjust some stuff in order to fit nicely. For my first attempt, I think the thumb's part is made a little too gigantic. I don't know if it's due to yarn problem or the Westerners' hand is assumed to be much larger than we Asians.

Anyway for an Asian woman, my hands are quite big. My hand size is comparable to a man's small-medium size hand. Still, I find the original measurement too huge for me.

I'm making this as a gift for a friend who enjoys baking. Instead of giving her a scarf, I thought of making an oven mitten. It will be more meaningful and useful for her I guess. I hope that she will like it.

I chose green cuz I need to combine 3 yarns together as a single yarn while working this project. It is to ensure it is thick enough otherwise she will get her hand burned when handling the hot oven tray. Also, I only have green which has 3 tones that I can use together. Another good reason for this choice of colour is the fact that it is dark in colour and it doesn't look that obvious if it gets dirty later?

My mobile camera didn't capture the exact colours. I wished it could. Too bad, it didn't. The actual colour is a little darker.

Oven Mitten 

I used:
Qing Ren Cotton yarn (8 ply) 100g
- 27 大绿
- 26 墨绿
- 37 深墨绿
Each 100g skein is used about half to do one mitten.

Started this project on 14 April 2015
Ended this project on 14 April 2015

It is quite thick when I compare it with the mitten that I hate in the kitchen. So I think this should be able to withstand the high heat.

I plan to do a dish cloth as well as a set for her gift. I have yet to begin for that. At the meantime, that's it for this mitten.

From what I could remember

  • The thumb is made too huge; it needs to be resized to be shorter and skinnier by half an inch. 
  • For the mitt, instead of 13 rounds, it is better to try to put it on and try the length instead of relying on the number of advised rounds. 
  • Make 2 rounds of reduce before fastening off the mitten. The first round of reduce used this pattern: 2 sc 1 reduce sc. The second round of reduce used this pattern: 5 sc 1 reduce sc. 


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