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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hello Pal


Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? However, it can be costly to learn from a tutor. Also, it may not be that rewarding as you will be learning via text books and tutorial. The best way to learn a language is nevertheless via communication with the native speakers.

Of course, it is not possible for us to put everything away and move to the place where there are foreign speakers of the language that we want to learn. Luckily with the technology nowadays, you actually can do the same thing without having to be at that place. Everything is made easy, convenient and effective using the Internet.

Have you heard of Hello Pal? It is a mobile app, available for both Android and Mac users. This app is truly amazing because it is able to indirectly teach you how to speak a foreign language in within minutes. This is not a joke. It is true. You can download it and try it by yourself. I have just downloaded mine and was having fun experimenting the app.

Basically with this app, you can get to know people across the globe. This means that you have the opportunity to learn not just one language but a good number of languages through chatting with real people (the native speakers). How amazing!

It is really very easy to navigate this app. If you find difficulty in using it, you can always watch the short videos here:

All the videos have clear demonstrations about the app and how to use it. Instead of learning a language via the traditional way, why not give this a try? While you are learning a new language, you get to know new friends too. This is like killing two birds with one stone.

Nevertheless, this app is totally free. It is such a good thing that must be shared to everyone. By using this app, it is like trading knowledge with one another. I am from Malaysia and my first language is Mandarin. However, I am fluent in both Malay and English. Therefore, if let’s say a Russian user wants to learn more about Malay, he or she can click my icon to start a conversation with me.

You must be wondering how to converse with people who do not understand your language and vice-versa. This app is so awesome because it actually has powerful translation tool equipped in it. The translation is reliable and largely accurate. You can even choose whether to converse using text or voice.

This app is truly splendid. It makes language learning so much easier and enjoyable. It is definitely a must download app for anybody who wants to learn a new language without wanting to pay a cent. Remember to check out this app on Google Store and iOS. 


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